More fiber intake associated with lower risk of death over nine year period

In an article published online in the American Medical Association journal Archives of Internal Medicine on February 14, 2011, National Cancer Institute researchers reveal the outcome of a study which found a lower risk of dying over a nine year average follow up period among men and women who consumed a high fiber diet.


4 Must-Have Foods to Include in Your Diet this Year

A new year has begun and with resolutions in high gear, many people are looking to improve their overall health. Of all the recommended strategies for fighting disease and promoting vitality, few are as critical and profound as the practice of healthy eating.

In general, it is best to follow a whole foods diet that is rich in organic fruits and vegetables. Here are four common power-foods that I recommend for health, vitality and well being. (more…)

Saturated Fat and Heart Disease

Even the famous Framingham study now admits there is no association between dietary fat and heart disease. no benefit from a low fat diet in terms of heart disease or breast cancer.


Does the thought of a steak, bacon and eggs, or real milk make you cringe thinking you’re instantly clogging up your arteries?  How many times have you seen physicians and nutritionists write “artery clogging saturated fats”? For the last 40 years the dietary instructions from governments and other authoritative bodies have told us to avoid all animal fats.  (more…)

Medicinal Mushrooms: Which Type is Right for You?

Whether you want to improve cellular health or prevent the common cold, medicinal mushrooms are available in a variety of species to help you address your health concerns. Certain types of mushrooms have the distinct ability to boost immune health and fight diseases including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and many more life-threatening illnesses. (more…)

Eight serving of fruits and vegetables keep the doctor away

Researchers publishing in the European Heart Journal have released the result of a study examining the diet of more than 300,000 men and women from eight European countries. They found that those individuals eating the most fruits and vegetable servings per day experienced the lowest level of ischemic heart disease (IHD), the most common form of the illness. (more…)