Prostate cancer surgery doesn’t save lives

For decades now, the standard treatment for prostate cancer has been surgery — but that standard’s about to change in a big way.

A growing number of studies have proven that those surgeries don’t save or even extend lives in prostate cancer patients. And now, a major new study shows again that the best treatment for the disease may be nothing at all. (more…)

A Review of Supplements for Male Sexual Performance

It doesn’t seem like you can watch TV without seeing an ad for Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, or some type of dietary supplement that will help a man perform better.  And then there are the low T commercials, guaranteed to make any tired man feel he needs testosterone.  Sorting out this nonstop and bewildering advertising blitz is not easy, especially understanding the risks as well as the claims in the typically overhyped commercials.  This article gives you a better understanding of the subject so you can formulate a healthy plan that works for yoo.

Cialis, Viagra & Levitra (more…)

PSA prostate cancer test should be abandoned, warns government task force

The verdict is in — PSA tests for prostate cancer are unreliable, and do not offer men any tangible benefit in lifespan or quality of life. These are the conclusions of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (PSTF), which found that many more men are injured by PSA tests than are helped by it.

PSA, also known as prostate specific antigen, is a biological marker that doctors and healthcare practitioners often use to detect the presence of a potential prostate tumor. Since PSA levels in the blood are known to climb in response to prostate tumors, it is commonly thought that early detection can help in mitigating the cancer. (more…)

Merck baldness drugs destroy sperm, cause infertility and ejaculation disorders, even after you stop using them

Hey, men! Looking for a way to ruin your sex life and become infertile? TryPropeciaorProscar, two drugs from the vaccine giantMerck, whose top vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman already admitted that Merck’s vaccines contained “stealth viruses” that cause cancer (

Now, the FDA is finally — after years of delays and denials — calling for new warnings on the labels ofmale baldness drugsmade by Merck. According to the FDA, Propecia and Proscar are now linked to:

• Ejaculation disorders (oops!)
• Libido disorders (not tonight, honey)
• Orgasm disorders (still nothing?)
• Erectile dysfunction (life is hard, but you’re not)
• Male infertility (you’re firing blanks, dude…) (more…)

Stinging Nettle is effective in treating BPH, arthritis, and aids post-partum mothers

Many people can relate to the experience of brushing up against a stinging nettle plant in a pasture or meadow. The unforgettable chemical burn creates mean welts which can sting for a week. However, stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has such healing capabilities that many of the newer green super-food manufacturers add it to their compounds. Nettle is high in vitamin A and C, and is chock full of minerals, especially calcium and iron. Research indicates that nettle is beneficial for benign prostate hyperplasia, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Midwives love stinging nettle as a pregnancy herb. (more…)

PSA tests don’t save lives

The best way to protect your prostate is to keep it far away from doctors who want to screen it — and even further from the surgeons who make a living off prostate cancer procedures.

Not long ago, this was considered a rogue approach.

Today, it’s mainstream science — and another study confirms again that all the screenings in the world don’t save lives.

Simply put, the government-funded study of 76,000 men who were tracked for 13 years finds that annual PSA tests don’t make a bit of difference in determining who lives and who dies. (more…)