Fish Oil Reduces Prostate Cancer Growth in Humans

Researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have proven that fish oil combined with a low fat diet can reduce the number of rapidly dividing prostate cancer cells. This is important because many men don’t even know they have prostate cancer and others are trying to change their lifestyles and curtail the problem as part of medically supervised surveillance. This study is clear cut proof that fish oil is a potent anti-prostate cancer nutrient. (more…)

PSA and Testosterone – Part Two – A Medical Myth

A common medical myth is that Testosterone is somehow causative of prostate cancer.  This is incorrect, as we will see below.  Rather than elevated Testosterone being associated with prostate cancer, it is LOW testosterone that is associated with aggressive prostate cancer with poor outcome.  Indeed, lower testosterone has been found to be associated with increased all cause mortality in males in the EPIC study. (more…)

Testosterone, PSA and Prostate Cancer, Myths and Misconceptions

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Butenandt and Ruzicka in 1939 for the synthesis of testosterone. (1)   Over the last seventy years, thousands of medical studies have shown that testosterone is beneficial for improving health and prolonging life. (2-27) Testosterone can prevent or reduce the likelihood of osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression and anxiety and the risk of early mortality.(7)  Health benefits include positive effects on mood, energy levels, verbal fluency, strength, increased muscle size, decreased body fat and increased bone density.(2-27)  Testosterone restores and enhances male libido, and is a treatment for male sexual dysfunction.(33) (more…)

Low Testosterone Could Be Killing You

Low Testosterone Could Be Killing You

Forty Per Cent More Likely to Die

The recent medical literature shows that low testosterone is associated with increased mortality.(1-3)  One study, published in 2008, tracked 800 California men 50 to 91 years old.  Testosterone levels were measured at the beginning of the study, and the men’s health was tracked over 20 years.  Low testosterone symptoms reported by these men included decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, loss of strength, decrease in bone density and decreased muscle mass.  The men with low testosterone tended to be overweight, and had increased risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Men with the lowest testosterone, below 241 total serum level, had a FORTY percent increase in mortality.(2)  I find this astounding. (more…)

PSA and Prostate Cancer Screening, the Failed Experiment

Jim Smith is a 55 year old athlete and outdoors man, who runs marathons and camps outdoors. He was not worried about prostate cancer until he saw the Larry King Show endorsing PSA screening for prostate cancer.  Larry King showed celebrity endorsements from Colin Powell, Charlton Heston,  Jerry Lewis, Arnold Palmer, Rudy Giuliani, John Kerry, Bob Dole, Norman Schwarzkopf, John McEnroe and Michael Milken all relating personal prostate cancer stories.  Watching all these celebrities urging PSA testing on the Larry King show lured Jim into a local Miami hospital offering free screening for prostate cancer.  Jim’s PSA test showed an elevated PSA of 4.7 (normal is less than 4), so Jim was sent over to a local urologist office all set for a needle biopsy of his prostate. (more…)

The mineral your prostate is begging you for

When you talk to your doctor about prostate health, the last thing you’d expect from him is a natural prostate solution that heads prostate troubles off at the pass.

Luckily, you have other options — and they start with the manly mineral that’s essential for your prostate health.

It’s zinc, and here are the two most important things you need to know about it:

1) The highest concentrations of zinc in your body are in your prostate.
2) Up to 60 percent of American men don’t get enough zinc. (more…)

Grape Seed Extract Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk by 41%

A study of 35,239 men aged 50-76 who took various types of specialty supplements were followed for a decade to see if there was any relationship between specialty supplement use and prostate cancer. Men who used grape seed extract had a 41 percent reduced risk of developing prostate cancer, the only specialty supplement with a clear risk reduction for this type of cancer. (more…)

DIM (di-indolmethane)/I3C (Indole-3-Carbinol): Overview

Alternative Names: Diindolylmethane.

DIM has been shown to help regulate and promote a more efficient metabolism of estrogen, and an optimal ratio of estrogen metabolites. DIM is thought to be responsible for the health effects of dietary Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C).  (more…)

Prostate biopsies double your infection risk

Imagine fighting for your life after a cancer scare… only to find out you didn’t even have cancer in the first place.

Well, imagine no more: If you’re a man getting a prostate biopsy, you’re putting your life on the line — because a new study finds the biopsy itself can double your risk of a life-threatening infection in the month after the procedure.

Researchers compared data on 17,472 older men who had prostate biopsies to that of 134,977 who did not, and found that 6.9 percent of the men who underwent the procedure were hospitalized in the 30 days afterward — versus just 2.9 percent of the un-biopsied. (more…)