Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals for Pets Causing More Harm Than Good

pet vaccines and pharmasAs I was walking our small dog around the apartment complex grounds where we live, I noticed a neighbor who had two small dogs now walking only one. I asked about the missing dog, my personal favorite of the two, and she told me she “had to put her down”.

I asked why, and she explained that she “had come home one day and found her paralyzed”. The vet claimed she must have climbed on something, fell, and injured her spine. I didn’t see her dachshund as much of a climber, and the dog wasn’t old, so I asked, “had she been vaccinated recently”?

Her dachshund had been vaccinated a very few days before its paralysis with the canine influenza vaccine and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines. She claimed she had to in order to be able to board the unfortunate dachshund whenever she traveled to visit her daughters in Colorado. Vaccinations are being required for pets, more-so for dogs than cats, more now than ever.


Why I don’t Vaccinate My Dogs At All

Our dogs are in the midst of an epidemic.  It’s not an epidemic of viral disease, but of chronic ill health.  They’re besieged with itchy, pus-laden, scabby skin; vomit and diarrhoea are the norm.  One in every hundred dogs suffers from epilepsy, and an even higher number lives with painful arthritis.  Allergies are also reaching epidemic proportions: dogs are becoming allergic to life.

According to Dr Jean W Dodds, an eminent vet and researcher, both allergic and autoimmune diseases have been rising since the introduction of modified live virus vaccines.  Autoimmune diseases are where the body attacks self; they include cancer, leukaemia, thyroid disease, Addisons, Grave’s disease, autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, lupus, thrombocytopenia, organ failure, skin inflammations, and more.

We also seem to have a tremendous number of dogs with behavioural problems, largely due to over-vaccination and processed pet food.  Vaccines are known to cause inflammation of the brain, as well as lesions throughout the brain and central nervous system.  The medical term for this is ‘encephalitis’, and vaccine’s role is acknowledged in the Merck Manual.  Merck is a vaccine manufacturer. (more…)

Canine Mange can be Successfully Treated Naturally

Many people may use the word mange jokingly, but when your dog develops canine mange it is no laughing matter. The diseasecan be dangerous and result in considerable suffering. Fortunately for such dogs and their owners, there are a number of natural remedies that can eliminate canine mange.

Mange is an inflammatory disease most often found in dogs. This condition results from an infestation of mites in the skin and hair follicles. Anybody who has treated a dog with mange using conventional treatment knows exactly how ill their pet can become. (more…)

Doctors Would Be Better Trained As Veterinarians!

I’ve been saying for decades that vets know more about health than doctors, especially about nutrition. If you see what nutrients are added to dog food and cat food, it’s better nourishment than human food!

There is less propaganda and more science. Vets are not judged by fake TV advertising, corrupt politicians, or phoney science: they are judged entirely by the math.

Does the animal live or die? If it doesn’t, it’s a financial disaster and the vet is OUT! (more…)

Christine’s Story

One of the readers of our newsletter discovered AGS or Force-C just as her dog, a 4 year old female German Shepherd was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She found a way to order Force-C online (it can be difficult) and began giving her pup nearly the full dose daily (dogs weigh less than humans). After the bottle was gone, she brought her pup to the veterinarian and to both of their surprise, there was no sign of cancer in the dog.

We next heard back from Christine when she called to tell me that her dog was pregnant and that she’s emailed me a photo of the sire, a beautiful, champion “red” German Shepherd.

A short time later, she called telling me that she had 8 beautiful pups playing in her kitchen. I went to visit and fell in love with them. I even thought of adopting one, till she told me that they’d be sold by the breeder of the sire at $5,000.00 a piece.

The true horrors of pet food revealed: Prepare to be shocked by what goes into dog food and cat food

If you check the labels on grocery store foods, you’ve probably already begun to see that the list of ingredients doesn’t always tell the whole truth about what’s in your food. The same goes for your pets’ food. Behind innocent-sounding words like “meat byproducts” and “meat meal” are horrific manufacturing practices that would turn your stomach. The nutritional considerations of pet foods go beyond the sources of meat in them. Pet food manufacturers add dangerous preservatives and vitamin fortifications that actually make your pets’ food lesshealthy. (more…)

Treat feline stomatitis naturally

Feline stomatitis is a very common and unpleasant malady for any self respecting cat to have. It is a result of the modern way of feline health care. Stomatitis is the inflammation of the mouth. Symptoms include redness and swelling of any surface. It is painful for the cat to eat, so they may look forward to their meal, eat a little, then run away, as if the food has hurt them. (more…)

Ginger Treats Cancer, Brain & Gut Inflammation, Radiation, and Staph Infections

Not only is ginger a culinary marvel, its health benefits are stunning. It has been shown to be more effective against staph infections than antibiotics—and without the adverse effects.