Thyroid cancer, fracking and nuclear power

By Rady Ananda
An Activist Post Special Report

Thyroid cancer cases have more than doubled since 1997 in the U.S., while deadly industrial practices that contaminate groundwater with radiation and other carcinogens are also rising.

New information released by the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimates that 56,460 people will develop thyroid cancer in 2012 and 1,780 will die from it. (more…)

Hidden camera water fluoridation video released by InfoWars

The InfoWars team has released stunning secret video footage showing how the toxic chemical fluoride (actually fluorosilicic acid) is dumped into the public water supply in Austin, Texas. The secret footage reveals pipes so corroded by the highly-corrosive fluoride chemicals that they have obviously needed aggressive repairs just to keep the liquid chemical flowing. Watch this undercover video footage, which was taken without the permission of Austin water authorities, in this InfoWars video:… (more…)

Scientific proof that Homeopathy works

Most scientists would state categorically that homeopathy is a scientific impossibility. Who would disagree, as the explanation that is currently provided to support homeopathy makes very little sense. How is it possible that a solution that contains no chemical atoms causes a biological reaction? All of our basic understanding of science screams out that this is patently impossible. (more…)

New Cancer Causing Agent Found in Our Water Supply

We have long known about carcinogens in common household items such as cosmetics, personal care items and cleansers, and the dangers they represent when we are exposed to them. Now a recent study is reporting that most of us are being exposed to a new cancer causing compound created by household items washed down the drain. (more…)

Dr. Suzanne de la Monte and Dr. Oz Show: Nitrites and nitrates in food may cause Alzheimer’s

On April 7, 2011, a former surgeon general and Dr. Suzanne de la Monte appeared on the Dr. Oz Show entitled, “A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Disease,” (can be watched on his website) where she presented her important research. She is the doctor who coined the term “type 3 diabetes” in reference to Alzheimer’s disease. (more…)

The Future of Fluoride

In January this year, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced plans to reduce the levels of fluoride in drinking water. Given that the majority of fluoride in our water is only there because we have put it there, it begs the questions why is it added in the first place, why is there now a need to reduce it, and do we really need it at all?

Why We Have Fluoride in Drinking Water

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is essential for the formation of tooth and bone. It is abundant in the earth and can be picked up like any other mineral, as water flows through rocks and soil. During the 1940s, as the benefits of fluoride to teeth became apparent, The U.S. and many other countries began to add fluoride to drinking water in an attempt to reduce incidence of tooth decay. (more…)

Beware Toxic Drinking Water

If you drink lots of water you may be imbibing chemicals dangerous to your health. Much of our drinking water has been polluted with chemicals linked to cancer. In addition, a startling amount of bottled water is tap water in plastic and, in some circumstances, may be hazardous to your health.

Water represents not merely an important aspect of health but an essential ingredient for the life of all living beings. Since water makes up roughly 75 percent of the human body (and 85 percent of the brain), it only makes sense that no tissue, organ or gland can function properly without ample supply of this precious bodily fluid. With insufficient water, the improper functioning of the digestive system, lungs, liver and kidneys not only contributes to and triggers pain and inflammation, but can also leave us vulnerable to a wide range of illnesses.

The Importance of Water (more…)