Fluoridation: Medicating our Water Part 1

There’s nothing like a glass of cool, clear water to quench one’s thirst. But the next time you or your child reaches for one, you might want to question whether that water is too toxic to drink. If your water is fluoridated, the answer may well be yes.

For decades, we have been told a lie, a lie that has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans and the weakening of the immune systems of tens of millions more. This lie is called fluoridation. A process that we were led to believe was a safe and effective method of protecting teeth from decay is in fact a fraud.

Water fluoridation uses toxic chemicals from China, says new documentary, The Fluoride Deception

Water fluoridation in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia is achieved through the purchase of heavily contaminated toxic waste chemicals from China which are then labeled “fluoride” and dumped into public water supplies in local cities and towns. That’s the conclusion of a striking new mini documentary released today by the Consumer Wellness Center (http://www.consumerwellness.org/). The video is now available for viewing on NaturalNews.TV: http://naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=42652E035A1B1BAAAE1F340B54694975 (more…)

Water Secrets

This essay takes us to the door to the secrets of life, secrets to water, and secrets of light, color, and perception. Water plays a leading role in living processes, as everyone knows, but what is secret is the fact that water mediates the interaction between radiant energy and physical existence by allowing itself to be structured by light energy along an incredibly broad front of the electromagnetic spectrum. Water is light sensitive as we are light sensitive and the frequencies of life that shine on us that we absorb or reject reveal much about how we think, feel and react to things and our environment.

Distilled Water

Last September, Dr. Mercola published an article lambasting the use of alkaline drinking water. A few weeks later, I published a rebuttal. I thought that was the end of it. People could read both articles and make their own decision. Silly me! In mid-December, Dr. Mercola published a new article — this time blasting distilled water. And once again, I find his conclusions unsupportable — but this time, accompanied by a disturbing twist. So once again, I rebut! (more…)