Hard-hitting interview highlights GMO dangers

In the April/May 2012 issue of Green American, which focuses primarily on GMOs and the harm they are causing, they interview IRT’s executive director Jeffrey M. Smith. Here are some excerpts:

Jeffrey Smith: ”When I speak to doctors around the country, they report seeing an increase in the incidence and severity of certain diseases, which they believe are GMO-related. Moreover, when these doctors take people off of GMO diets, they report that the symptoms – of migraines, gastro-intestinal disorders, weight problems, and more – start to disappear.

GA/Tracy: Can you give some examples of the troublesome studies? 

Jeffrey Smith: ”The animal feeding studies for reproductive dysfunctions are astounding. Rodents that eat GM soy had changes in young sperm cells. Their testicles turned from pink to blue. The DNA function in the embryo offspring changed. In one study where female rats were fed GM soy, more than half of their babies died within three weeks, compared to a ten percent death rate in those fed non-GMO soy. The survivors from the GMO-fed group were largely infertile. In another, most hamsters fed GMOs lost the ability to have babies by the third generation. Infant mortality was also at four to five times the rate of non-GMO eaters. Mice fed GMO corn had smaller and fewer babies. This is just one topic.”

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Comprehensive New Report Blasts GMOs as Harmful – Hundreds of citations

“GMO Myths and Truths,” published in June, smashes the claims from GMO lobbyists that anti-GMO arguments are emotional and anti-science. The genetic engineers authoring the study found just the opposite – there are sound scientific reasons to be wary of GM foods and crops. The online report, which is 123 pages and contains over 600 citations, confirms the creation of toxins and allergens in GM crops as well as an adverse effect on nutritional value.

Dr John Fagan, a co-author of the report and former genetic engineer, said, “These findings fundamentally challenge the utility and safety of GM crops, but the biotech industry uses its influence to block research by independent scientists and uses its powerful PR machine to discredit independent scientists whose findings challenge this approach.”

He points out that “Crop genetic engineering as practiced today is a crude, imprecise, and outmoded technology. It can create unexpected toxins or allergens in foods and affect their nutritional value. Recent advances point to better ways of using our knowledge of genomics to improve food crops, that do not involve GM.”

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Approval Process for Aqua Bounty’s GE Salmon Bolstered by Foreign Investor

Despite the commercial success of both wild and farmed salmon as well as a plentiful supply of both, Massachusetts-based Aqua Bounty Technologies is still seeking approval of their genetically engineered variety. Since 2010, $8 million in funding to Aqua Bounty was provided by Georgian businessman and biologist Kakha Bendukidze – including $2 million in March just in time to counter a U.S. Senate bill requiring further testing of GE salmon ahead of FDA approval.

The Senate bill failed in May by just five votes (45-50). The bill’s author, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), argued on behalf of her fisherman constituents for a “need to look before we leap here.” Murkowski maintained that the FDA evaluation of the scientific and biological risks of “Frankenfish” on the seafood industry and ocean ecosystem has not gone far enough to warrant approval of the product.

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