Increase Lung Power and Manage Your Weight With CLA

It’s tough enough to launch a new fitness regimen as it is—they wouldn’t call it a workout if it was easy. And whether you’re self-conscious about your current weight or dreading the next day’s sore muscles, you’ll never be short on excuses to skip that trip to the gym. But factor out-of-balance lung health into the mix, and keeping your resolution to get back in shape only becomes that much harder. The mere thought of wheezing, puffing and panting after five minutes on the treadmill is enough to make most people quit before they even start.

Unfortunately, excitable, sensitive airways go hand in hand with extra weight—a link that may partially account for the 75 percent increase in lung concerns among the American population today. So if you’re going to fight one problem, you’ve got to fight both… and luckily, a recent study shows that a single supplement may offer crucial support for maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your lung power at its peak.

This new, prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial included 28 adult subjects between the ages of 19 and 40. Pulmonary function testing revealed that all the subjects had mild breathing trouble and airway hyper-responsiveness. The subjects were given either 4.5 grams of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) or a placebo each day for 12 weeks, after which they were evaluated for a number of risk factors—including body mass index (BMI), weight, airway responsiveness, sputum cell counts and general quality of life—as well as blood levels of cytokines (which play a role in the inflammatory response) and ratios of leptin and adiponectin (hormones secreted by fat cells that influence body fat accumulation).

As it turns out, results revealed that daily CLA supplementation was able to enhance breathing and lung function significantly by the end of the 12-week trial period. What’s more, data also showed a marked improvement in weight, BMI and leptin/adiponectin ratios among the group receiving CLA—a major perk, as initial evaluations indicated that, on average, the subjects in this study were packing a few extra pounds at the starting gate. These benefits were all in contrast to the placebo group, among whom there were no notable changes.1

That’s why the study authors’ conclusion shouldn’t come as a surprise: If you’re overweight and could use nutritional support to maintain healthy lung function, daily supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid may be a safe and effective ally to both your lungs and your waistline. Look for CLA—available in softgels from Vitamin Research Products—and don’t let your winded lungs deter you from another daily workout.


1. Macredmond R, Singhera G, Attridge S, Bahzad M, Fava C, Lai Y, Hallstrand TS, Dorscheid DR. Conjugated linoleic acid improves airway hyper-reactivity in overweight mild asthmatics. Clin Exp Allergy. 2010 Jul;40(7):1071-8.


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