Resting Metabolic Rate Impacted by Green Tea and Resistance Training

In November 2012, a new study reported that green tea combined with resistance training significantly impacted body fat, waist circumference and muscle strength better than either intervention alone. Previous research has shown that green tea has thermogenic and antiobesity properties.

Thirty-six overweight or obese women ate a planned diet for four weeks. Researchers subsequently assigned the subjects to receive either:

  1. Green tea,
  2. Placebo,
  3. Green tea plus resistance training, or
  4. Placebo plus resistance training.

The researchers assessed resting metabolic rate, body composition and blood work periodically. The groups receiving resistance training were also assessed for muscle strength. The subjects continued on the diet and intervention for an additional eight weeks.

The researchers found that the green tea alone group showed a decrease in resting metabolic rate, maintenance of lean body mass, weight loss, decrease in waist circumference and decreased body mass index (BMI). The placebo group showed no changes in body weight or size biomarkers or blood work and significantly decreased their mean resting metabolic rate.

The green tea plus resistance training group showed increased resting metabolic rate, lean body mass and muscle strength, and decreased body fat, triglycerides and waist circumference as compared to the placebo plus resistance training group.

The study authors concluded, “Green tea combined with resistance training helps to decrease body fat, waist circumference and triglyceride levels, and increase lean body mass and muscle strength.”


Cardoso GA, et al. J Med Food. 2012 Nov 9.[Epub ahead of print.]

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