The Cancer Industry: Failure, Lies and Big Profits

If you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, it is in your best interest to consider a second opinion away from the mainstream of the cancer industry. Oncologists will insist and even demand your immediate acceptance of surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy. They will frighten you more than you already are with all kinds of horror tales and statistical babble, and even threaten you with not being your doctor anymore to keep you from seeking a second opinion outside of the cancer industry.  This is because they know that anyone hearing other options would never willingly submit to their expensive and horrendously toxic treatments that in most cases ruin health and shorten life.

Consider this statement written by the past president of the American Chemical Society, Alan C. Nixon: ”It is incomprehensible to me that physicians can ignore the clear evidence that chemotherapy does much, much more harm than good.”

Is this really it?

 “Polls and questionnaires show that three doctors out of four (75 percent) would refuse chemotherapy for themselves because of its ineffectiveness against the disease and its devastating effects on the entire human organism,” asserts Dr. Tullio Simoncini, the Rome based oncologist who uses bicarbonate of soda instead of chemotherapy for his high cancer healing rate.

Dr. Simoncini often uses surgical techniques to insert the catheter that directly applies the combination of bicarbonate of soda with glucose to the effected area. This is the extent of his surgery. Glucose is the bait to get cancer cells to open wide for the highly alkaline baking soda. This sudden extreme alkalizing effect floods cancer cells with oxygen and kills them while leaving healthy cells intact.

Decades ago, Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg discovered cancer cells ferment glucose to survive, but die off with oxygen. Of course, Warburg’s discovery is not part of the medical establishment’s training either. The least your oncologist or doctor should do is advise you to lay off sugar while undergoing cancer treatment. Instead, the waiting rooms of most oncologists have vending machines dispensing Pepsi or Coke, and huge bowls of candy sitting around. Mainstream medicine doesn’t educate doctors in nutrition, and if any young doctor has actually heard of Dr. Warburg, he’s probably been told he is a quack.

Cancer researcher and founder of the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, Max Wicha, was interviewed by the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette health section not long ago and delivered this bombshell, “Standard cancer treatments not only often fail to eradicate cancer, but make is worse.”

After almost a century of dominating the cancer industry and several decades after the war on cancer was declared, is this it? Billions of dollars and years of research by pharmaceutical companies has resulted in making cancer worse and patients more miserable!

It’s no surprise that the war on cancer has created huge revenues for all the cancer foundations and their employees as well as the major pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals and oncologists. Yet there is no healing for cancer within mainstream medicine.  Healing only exists outside of mainstream medicine, and effective therapies are maligned and suppressed by the AMA and FDA with help from the media outlets that benefit from the Medical Mafia’s advertising revenue.

The cancer industry criteria for claiming success is five years of being cancer free. This goal is very rarely achieved with their primitive slash, burn and poison techniques applied with high tech tools. Chemotherapy drugs were originally based on mustard gas. Chemo kills all cells. This is why chemo patients usually go through hell and then die. What is usually achieved from this “standard of care” is a lot of revenue for the cancer industry and a curtailed lifespan filled with misery for the patient.

John D. Rockefeller financed the rise and dominance of allopathic medicine over all other forms. He was more concerned with his huge financial stakes in oil (many pharmaceuticals are petro based) and the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry, rather than  public health. After all, John D. once said, “Competition is a sin.” Ironically, he used homeopathy exclusively for himself and his family.


This is not a complete indictment of all allopathic medicine. An allopath would be first choice for a broken leg, or when it comes to external injuries or sudden internal traumas. But natural holistic therapies are more appropriate for healing disease, and they do it without serious side effects.

But when it comes to curing disease or for improving health, the mainstream medical system’s dogma will not allow any other perspective. One would think that all health protocols should be available with adequate factual information accessible to everyone. Instead, there is a concerted effort by what has been termed the Medical Mafia to eliminate all other remedies that have been proven highly effective against diseases, especially cancer.

The cancer industry suppresses the overwhelming empirical and laboratory evidence of alternative, natural cancer treatments. Then they lie about it. There are several MDs and mainstream scientists critical of the cancer industry’s refusal to win the war on cancer and continued use of chemotherapy. Their voices are muzzled also.

Yet the common public perception is that alternative natural cures are quackery, and only Big Pharma and the AMA administrators of Big Pharma’s poisons can help you if you have cancer. There appears to be a combination of factors involved with this duplicity. The major factors among them are greed and willful ignorance, which most oncologists use to protect their licenses and careers.

The greed factor

Former NYU professor of surgery Dr. Thomas Nealon publicly expressed amazement at chemotherapy’s continued use despite the evidence that, “It does so little good.”

In an LA Times article, Dr. Martin Shapiro expressed a similar concern. Both doctors agreed that there are “economic incentives” for continuing therapies that cause more harm than good.

Big Pharma’s greed is obvious to most who are interested in alternative health care. But here’s something not as obvious. Oncologists who administer chemotherapy in their offices charge retail for the chemo drugs they’ve bought wholesale. Yes, they are profiting enormously from chemo drug sales in addition to their service fees. Other MDs normally prescribe drugs and leave those drug sales to others to avoid conflict of interest.

Standard of care rules keep doctors from being liable as long as they adhere to accepted procedures. Chemo treatments are considered successful even if a cancer patient lives only another few months more in agony from the treatments. Even when cancer returns shortly after a proclaimed remission it is not considered a failure.

Conversely, any health practitioner or MD who uses truly effective alternative methods that are inexpensive and without serious side effects is hounded out of practice or worse. And that’s one reason why you don’t know much about these alternatives.

Oncologists focus on getting rid of tumors. But many authorities outside of the medical establishment consider tumors a survival mechanism for cells, allowing cells to continue being viable despite the body’s nutritional and hormonal imbalances, or acidic pH. One can be developing cancer for years before a traceable tumor shows up. So part of the ignorance is waiting until tumors arrive to do anything about the causes of cancer, and then claiming success when tumors are eliminated briefly, although they may soon return.

Oncologists don’t advise dietary changes that are essential to any cancer treatments. Their system doesn’t believe nutrition is important. But all processed foods with additives, including pasteurized dairy, chemically sprayed foods, and factory farmed red meat should be avoided. There should be more organic veggies such as greens, fruits, and healthy fats while undergoing any type of cancer therapy.

Second opinions and doing your own research

Regardless of the scare tactics your oncologist uses, you have plenty time to get a second opinion. And that opinion shouldn’t be from the same school of cut, burn and poison that gave you your original prognosis . You should seriously look into alternative therapies or integrative medical sources that include dietary, lifestyle and hormonal changes, and are interested in treating the whole body, mind and soul.

The internet is an excellent source of information, and this site contains many highly informative articles to help you navigate the cancer maze. is a great starter site for data on alternative cancer therapies. Webster Kehr, the cancer tutor, advises that your chances for complete recovery from cancer are 90% if you start with alternative approaches, but only 50% if you start with mainstream therapies first and then switch over out of desperation. Of course, mainstream medicine preaches the opposite.

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