BPA Increases Blood Pressure

BPA is a common chemical compound found in hard plastics and the linings of food and drink cans. It has been under a great deal of scrutiny over the past several years due to its link to various health problems, including erectile dysfunction, diabetes, heart disease, memory problems, asthma and cancer. Children appear to be most vulnerable to the effects of BPA, but it affects the health of everyone, regardless of age.

This study involved 60 people (aged 60 and older) who visited a community center on three different occasions. At each visit, researchers gave them the same beverage in either two glass bottles, two cans or one can and one glass bottle. After consumption, the researchers measured urinary BPA concentrations, blood pressure and heart rate variability.

Shockingly, BPA concentrations were 1,600 percent higher in the participants who drank the canned beverages compared to those who drank from glass. The canned beverage drinkers also experienced increased blood pressure by 4.5 mmHg—a statistically significant difference.

The researchers concluded, “Consuming canned beverage and consequent increase of BPA exposure [raise] blood pressure acutely.”

Bae S and Hong YC. Hypertension. 2015 Feb;65(2):31-9.




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