Quercetin Lowers Respiratory Inflammation, Activates SIRT1

In a recent study, mice were given toxins to produce lung damage that mimicked chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and emphysema.  Quercetin1 treatment for 10 days significantly improved the lungs, reducing free radical damage and inflammation.  It also upregulated the longevity gene SIRT1—this is the first time quercetin has been shown to activate this gene.

While many current and former smokers wind up with COPD, many others are suffering from excess pollution and various common chemical exposures. When the lungs become a weak spot, they are more susceptible to infections that can linger. It is also more difficult to get oxygen into your body, handicapping health at a fundamental level.

When the researchers blocked SIRT1 activation, quercetin was no longer able to protect the lungs. This is a novel finding and indicates an additional potent mechanism by which quercetin may help extend the survival of stressed cells in your sinuses and lungs.


Byron Richards, CCN

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