Warning: Vaccinations can Harm You

Despite Big Pharma’s press releases promoting vaccine safety, many are recognizing the dangers of vaccinations. Additives and adjuvants to preserve and enhance the purported efficacy of vaccines, such as thimerosal (mercury), aluminum, formaldehyde and squalene, are causing serious damage, usually neurological, to more and more who are vaccinated. Yet parents continue to be coerced into exposing their children to dozens of vaccinations before they become adults.

Attenuated live viruses in vaccines have created situations in which those inoculated have become infected carriers of mutating viruses. Those viruses then have become more virulent and infected others. Viral sources for vaccines can be derived from mammals and human fetuses infected with other diseases. Weakened immunity from vaccinations results in some form of poor health later in life, even if there are no apparent short term damages.

Numerous reports relating vaccine damages are written off by vaccine proponents as coincidental.  Many more are not even reported. For those damaged, the Federal Government has set up vaccine courts, a lengthy bureaucratic route to get cases heard. Even if the injured are finally granted damages in vaccine courts, the government awards them, not the vaccine manufacturers.  Vaccine manufacturers are often protected from liability by the government. No wonder Big Pharma is pushing vaccinations!

The Basic Fallacy of Vaccinations

It has been statistically proven that the declines we have seen in different diseases occurred significantly earlier than could have been possible from the vaccines developed for them. In other words, viral strains died out while many of those people exposed developed a natural immunity. But the vaccination manufacturers took credit for eradicating disease and looked for support to produce more vaccines for big bucks.

A retired vaccine scientist turned whistle blower disclosed interesting information during an interview by investigative reporter Jon Rappoport in the year 2002. The former scientist used a pseudonym, Dr. Mark Randall, to protect his identity so that he would continue to receive his pension and not be harassed.

Here are some quotes from that interview: “They [vaccinations] involve the human immune system in a process that tends to compromise immunity. They can actually cause the disease they are supposed to prevent. They can cause other diseases than the ones they are supposed to prevent”.

“That [immunity] is the bad premise. It doesn’t work that way. A vaccine is supposed to ‘create’ antibodies which, indirectly offer protection against disease. However, the immune system is much larger and more involved than antibodies and their related ‘killer cells’.”

Randall went on to describe the immune system as being virtually the whole body and one’s general emotional and mental attitude. What he and other vaccination critics point out is that by injecting vaccine directly into the blood stream, major parts of the body’s immune system are bypassed completely. These include nasal/bronchial pathways and associated organs, the intestinal flora or friendly bacteria of the gut, and other bodily functions, all completely bypassed.

The adjuvants of mercury and/or squalene used in vaccines go right past those first lines of defense as well. This often creates what is known as a cytokine storm. A cytokine storm occurs when injected pathogens and adjuvants, especially squalene, create an over reaction in the immune system. The abundance of antibodies then overwhelms healthy tissue with massive inflammation, beyond what would be a normal immune response. This can create a long term debilitating disease or even death.

More On Attenuated Viruses

Live viruses are obtained from intentionally infected organs of mammals, mostly monkeys.  They are cultured in various mediums in order to minimize or attenuate their virulence while still keeping them alive. Then they may be placed among other viruses from other sources, sometimes even from human fetuses.  The dangers of attenuated viruses are noted in the scientific community, but notice to the public has been minimal.

One risk of attenuated viruses is that at any time they can mutate and become virulent in the inoculated person’s body.  And as a low grade viral infection, vaccine compromises the immune system and opens the gate for other pathogens to invade and create a fully manifested disease, even causing cancer.

Yet another known negative aspect of attenuated viruses is that they should not be administered to anyone with an already compromised immune system or with any form of autoimmune disease.  This includes anyone with rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

As a matter of fact, with all the pollutants in the air and water, all the pesticides in food, and all the toxic additives in most peoples’ diets, it is easy to assume most people have compromised immune systems!

An Interesting and Unusual Case

Dominick Tenuto was awarded 22.5 million dollars by the New York State Supreme Court for his suit against Lederle Laboratories, the maker of an oral polio vaccine called Orimune. It seems Orimune had live attenuated polio viruses, and the oral vaccine was given to his infant daughter.

Tenuto’s claim was that virus shedding contaminated her stool, and he was infected through a wound from surgery on his hand while changing her diapers. Tenuto has been crippled from polio since then, thirty years.

The Cancer Explosion and Its Relationship to Vaccinations

“If you continue to allow these contaminated [polio] vaccines to go out, I guarantee you that over the next 20 years you will have epidemics of cancer unlike the world has ever seen”, testified Bernice Eddy to the U.S. Congress in 1972.  Bernice Eddy was a government researcher.

Bernice was fired and lost her lab for this testimony. But it has since been corroborated and substantiated from other sources that she was right. The contaminant she referred to was SV40, or Simian (monkey) Virus 40.  This virus first appeared in the polio vaccines of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, and it has been traced to several cases of cancer since then.

The explosion of cancer since the late 1950’s has indeed been a pandemic which has benefited the extremely profitable cancer industry. The SV40 news was suppressed, but supposedly, the vaccination industry has since assured everyone that SV40 would not be a part of future vaccine production.

But there is no legitimate oversight to ensure this. The remaining SV40 contaminated vaccines were never removed from existing stocks. That would cut into profits, of course. The agent used to eliminate SV40 from monkey “virus seeds” was a rabbit serum. That method was never proven to be effective. So has SV40 been eliminated?

Ask Michael and Raphaele Horwin. SV40 wasn’t eliminated in 1997. That’s when their infant son Alexander received an oral polio vaccination. Orimune was its name; Lederle Labs was its maker. Familiar names?  Alexander died of an unusual and extremely malignant brain cancer before he reached the age of three.

The Horwins, he a practicing attorney and she a forensic scientist, had the malignant tumor examined by four prestigious independent labs. They all found SV 40 in the tumor. Raphaele’s umbilical cord blood from her delivery of Alexander was available and was also analyzed to preclude the possibility of her having passed the virus to Alexander. There was no SV 40 found in her umbilical cord blood.  It came from the Orimune.

So What to Do?

Do more research on vaccine injury sites and come to your own conclusions, if you haven’t already.

Store up as much Vitamin D3 in your body as possible. Sunshine is the best source, but supplements are available in lieu of sunshine. This is a positive action for immunity.

Vitamin D3 is not really a vitamin. It’s a very powerful steroid hormone usually produced in the body from skin contact with direct sunlight that’s not filtered through glass. It not only supports general health better than any of the actual vitamins, it also acts as an immune regulator by boosting your immune system when needed and slowing it down to reduce a cytokine storm.

Maintain high pH (alkaline) readings, monitoring with pH strips. Readings of 7 to 7.5 are optimum. Lower pH readings, especially under 6, indicate acidity or burgeoning acidosis, which is a breeding ground for disease. Cancer patients are usually in the 4 to 5 pH range.

A good organic diet with lots of vegetables and organic grass fed meat and dairy creates a good foundation. Adding mineral supplements that are lacking in our food supply, especially selenium and magnesium, is very helpful.


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About The Author:

Paul Fassa practices Chi-Lel Qigong (Chigong) and is vegetarian, organic of course, and feels healthy at age 68.

He sees the struggle for health freedom and the need for improving and preserving our food supply as key issues in today’s crazy world. His blog is  http://www.healthmaven.blogspot.com/

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