Rheumatoid Arthritis

Symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis include inflammation, swelling and pain. According to Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. tiny roundworms have invaded the joints.  These include and not limited to Ascaris, Ancylostomas, Strongyloides, and Trichinella.  Their eggs are present all around us in dirt, dust, the filth underneath fingernails and fecal matter.  Immaculate sanitation is your first defense.  Use grain alcohol to clean hands and underneath fingernails when soap and water are not available.  Keep fingernails short.  Make sure your pet has been treated with the Pet Parasite Program. It is ideal for persons with Rheumatoid arthritis to under go a Full Parasite & Herbal Home Colonic Program while taking the supplements listed below to help rid the body of specific pathogens associated with Rheumatoid arthritis.

After completion of the Parasite and bowel program, it is advised to cleanse the kidneys then the liver.  Cleansing the kidneys helps remove solvents.   Solvents usually common in people with pain in the joints are Benzene found in lotion, cold cereals, ice cream, cooking oil, lard, and toothpaste.  If you have to use cooking oil use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.  For brushing teeth use cinnamon, peppermint, and birch essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils. Another solvent common is toluene.  Usually found in drinking water, cold cereals, paints, and plastic containers.

Doing a liver cleanse will help cleanse the liver, kill parasites in the liver, help remove gallbladder and liver stones, and clean the binary ducts.

After liver cleansing is complete it is a good idea to start an oral chelation program.  Heavy metals are often associated with Rheumatoid arthritis.  These metals include but not limited to Mercury, Thallium, Cadmium, and Lead ect.  Removing the heavy metals will allow more flexibility in the joints, better lubrication, and increased energy.

Foods you should stay away from are Black Pepper, White Pepper, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Eggplant, PIT (hippuric acid & phenylisothiocyanate) this is a byproduct of benzoic acid which is detoxified.  Many fruits contain natural benzoic acid, but we can easily increase benzoic acid intake by consuming commercial beverages and foods containing benzoic acid as a preservative.  Even so it is a “natural” preservative it must still be detoxified by the liver.  Such an intake can be too much for our kidneys so it distributes itself to our organs, which can cause pain in the joints.  There are also bacteria that love to feed on hippuric acid.  You should also stay away from tobacco products.  It is also recommended that you cut back or eliminate your red meat consumption and eat more fish.  Don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Triggerpoint Therapy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, and other forms of Bodywork along with the use of essential oils can be extremely therapeutic in helping people rid the body of toxins.

For individual needs we suggest a Salvia Reading.

Roundworms which are present when there is rheumatoid Arthritis:





To learn more about these parasites click here

These parasite eggs are everywhere around us. In dust, dirt and underneath fingernails, papaer money. Carry around a bottle of Grain Alcohol to cleanse hands without water.

Metals which are present when there is rheumatoid Arthritis:





Solvents are also present with rheumatoid Arthritis

Benzene-found in lotions, cold cereals, ice cream, cooking oil, bottled water and other beverages.

Toluene– found in store bought drinking water, paints, and cold cereals


Reduce phosphate intake: Phosphates are found in carbonated beverage and commercial beverages, present in most red meats

Drink more water: Drink 4oz. distilled energized water every 30 minutes daily

Pet Parasite Cleanse: Cleanse all pets in household

Parasite + Bowel Cleanse :Cleanse yourself of parasites while cleansing the bowels

Kidney Cleanse (Water Works Kit) cleanse the kidneys of solvents and heavy metals

Liver Cleanse Flush the liver of gall stones. To be done after parasite cleanse!

Stay away from: Pepper (black and white), PIT, benzoic acid or benzoate preserved foods, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and tobacco

Recommend taking the following:

Black Walnut Tincture

Wormwood Combination


Colloidal Silver Water





Oral Chelate

Oral Chelate Kit


MSM Blend

MSM Glucosamine

Recomended Homeopathics:

Trace Mineral 1000



Intestinal Flukes


Mercuric Binoid

Mercuris Corr.

Mercuris Pro.

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