Why is the number of golfers with cancer on the rise?

Here’s a special warning to anyone who frequents the putting green…

Experts are finding that golfers—and even non-golfers who simply live near courses—are experiencing alarming increases in cancers of the brain, large intestine, liver, lung and prostate.

In fact, a University of Iowa study found that just working as a golf superintendent significantly increased the risk of developing one of these health problems.

So what gives? Well, some researchers say the culprit is 2, 4-D—one of the herbicides landscapers use to keep courses looking green and beautiful.

A British research team at Rothamsted Experimental Station developed this weed killer during World War II. Their goal was to increase crop yields for a nation at war.

Since its commercial release in 1946, 2, 4-D has been extremely successful at controlling weeds in wheat, corn, rice, and other cereal grasses.

It’s also used to help tame the weeds alongside fences, highways and in hayfields and pastures.


Dr. leonard Caldwell

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