Glutamine Supports Kidney Health

Weak kidneys lead to elevated blood pressure, increased levels of circulatory toxins due to impaired filtration, and a worsened ability to handle stress (kidney-adrenal relationship).  Kidney problems are invariably made worse when a person is overweight and especially when they blood sugar levels begin to rise, as excess blood sugar caramelizes kidney structure (advanced glycation end products – AGEs), leading to even worse kidney health.  A new study shows that glutamine can improve multiple gene signals that impact kidney health, helping to improve many of the kidney problems people experience when they are in weakening health.

Glutamine is highly concentrated in the lining of your digestive tract and in your muscles.  As a supplement it can be taken to help repair the leaky gut and/or to help boost your fitness and muscle building efforts.  It has long been known that when glutamine passes through your kidneys it makes two molecules of bicarbonate, helping to alkalinize your body pH.

This new study is an animal study with diabetic rats.  It found that glutamine benefited many gene signals relating to kidney function that were malfunctioning in the diabetic animals, including a reduction in the gene signal that was forming AGEs.  Glutamine lowered the gene signaling that was causing free radical damage while simultaneously improving overall antioxidant function.  Such benefits are good for overall health and kidney health in particular.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011  –  Byron Richards, CCN
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