Leptin Problems Linked to Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is one of the few cancer types on the rise.  Also rising are the sizes of Americans’ waistlines. A new study conducted at the Human Cancer Genomic Research Center connects the emerging science to show that leptin problems (evidenced by excessive weight) are a likely cause of thyroid cancer along with many other cancers.

Leptin is made in your white adipose tissue following the ingestion of food.  It is released into your blood, travels to your brain, and gives you a “full” signal so you know when to stop eating.  Leptin also does many other things in your body. It regulates your energy level and governs all other hormones including your thyroid hormone.  Proper leptin function is vital to your health, vitality, and general survival.

One type of leptin problem is gaining weight. When you start gaining weight your hormonal communication starts becoming inefficient.  What happens is that your fat makes too much leptin, so it doesn’t get into your brain very well.  This problem is known as leptin resistance, and it is a main factor in overeating and causing trouble losing weight.

However, that is only part of the problem.  Our bodies are genetically designed to survive food scarcity, not food excess.  They are experts at conserving during times of famine, which is a low leptin situation.  Our bodies simply do not have genetic expertise to deal with excessive food consumption, which is a high leptin situation.

When leptin levels stay too high for too long (typically when food is eaten in too great an amount and eaten too often) then cells throughout the body are exposed to excessive leptin.

Leptin is the big-boss hormone, so when it barks out an order cells jump into line.  As you might expect, when leptin barks out faulty orders cells still respond.  These are powerful gene-level orders given directly to cells.

When a person is gaining weight it is also typical that the thyroid gland is in a state of high stress, prone to inflammation and potential cell mutation, which could cause cancer.  The natural antioxidant defense system is compromised.

New research shows that leptin receptors within the thyroid are forced to receive excessive orders, resulting in the growth of mutagenic cells, thereby causing thyroid cancer.  The cancer hijacks leptin signaling and uses it to foster its own growth, including the development of a blood supply to feed nutrition to the cancer.

Such leptin receptors are present on many types of tumors, especially those related to female cancers and prostate cancer.

The study illustrates the importance of you taking charge of leptin and getting it to work correctly in your body.  The foundation for this is following the “Five Rules of the Leptin Diet,” along with exercising and taking dietary supplements as needed or helpful.

And remember, once you get in a good weight loss trend, even though you still have pounds to lose, your blood levels of leptin will come down and so will the risks associated with high leptin levels.  As long as you maintain your weight loss trend your risks stay low.  Once you reach your goal weight and maintain your healthy habits you will have fully taken charge of this issue and thereby prevented potentially serious health problems.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012  –  Byron Richards, CCN
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