How to Rid Your Body of Fluoride

Thanks to the mass fluoridation of our municipal water supplies and the inclusion of man-made fluoride in toothpastes and other dental and consumer products, most of us regularly consume dangerous amounts of the most dangerous form of fluoride.  Instead of promoting dental health, as has been the justification for including man-made fluoride in our water and other products, such fluoride actually leads to worse dental health as well as a host of other very serious health consequences.  Though it may be next to impossible to avoid fluoride entirely, there are many steps one can take to avoid much of the fluoride we consume as well as eliminate fluoride that now exists in our bodies

Natural versus man-made fluoride
Contrary to what we have been told for many decades, man-made fluoride actually leads to fluorosis, a condition that is marked by stained and weakened hole-filled teeth.  Notably, in Europe and US communities where there is no water fluoridation, cavity rates are less than in fluoridated communities.  Even worse, fluoride can result in hyperactivity and/or lethargy, arthritis, lowered thyroid function, lowered IQ, dementia, disrupted immune system, genetic damage, premature birth, cell death, cancers, deactivated essential enzymes and shorter life span.
Fluoride in its natural form is actually considered an essential trace element, but we only need very tiny amounts and the natural form of fluoride is a far cry from the man-made form added to our water systems and other products.  The natural form of the mineral fluoride found in your teeth and in nature is called apatite (calcium fluoro-chloro-hydroxyl phosphate).  The unnatural form of fluoride added our municipal water supplies is sodium fluoride – a chemical by-product of aluminum, steel, cement, phosphate, and nuclear weapons manufacturing. Such fluoride has no nutrient value or health benefits whatsoever.
The Nazis used fluoride to dumb down the population and make it more docile and subservient.  Besides being one of the most potent rat poisons, fluoride is also one of the basic ingredients in both Prozac (fluoxetene hydrochloride) and Sarin nerve gas (isopropyl-methyl-hosphoryl fluoride).
Before the public was sold on the idea of added fluoride, the aluminum and nuclear industries were having an increasing problem disposing of all their highly toxic fluoride waste by-products.  Now, thanks to the big lie sold to an unwitting public, we dispose of toxic fluoride waste, ingesting it and flushing it down the sewage system back into our environment.  Besides solving their toxic waste disposal problem, the manufacturing industries also reap quite the tidy profit by selling their fluoride at a markup of over 20,000 times!
Avoiding and minimizing fluoride
Avoiding products with added fluoride, such as most commercial toothpastes and dental products, fluoridated bottled water, soft drinks and commercial milk, helps reduce fluoride consumption.  Of course, living in an area where the water supply is not fluoridated is the best way to avoid most fluoride.  However, since 65% of our water supplies are fluoridated, other steps are needed to reduce fluoride intake.
Water filters for the kitchen which contain activated alumina reduce most of the fluoride from drinking water, but that still leaves the water used in showers and baths, swimming pools and hot tubs, and watering vegetables.  The best solution would be to purchase a whole-house fluoride filtration system.
When it is not feasible to filter your entire water supply, limiting time in the shower or bath and reducing the temperature helps minimize the amount of fluoride absorbed.  Another possibility is to purchase a self-contained shower system such as are used in camping and rustic cabins and use filtered tap water.  Some of the better ones include gas or electric heating elements and, as a bonus, their use decreases overall water use.
Removing fluoride from our bodies
The use of Ultimate Body Cleanse can be very effective in eliminating fluorides and other toxins and parasites, and it actually goes beyond this.  Ultimate Body Cleanse is a kit of supplements with instructions specially assembled to remove fluoride and other toxins, improve immunity, repair the digestive system, and support and repair the liver and gall bladder. Ultimate Body Cleanse contains optimal amounts of the vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and lipotropics discussed below.  If you choose to use this kit, add an iodine supplement.
Iodine supplementation has been clinically demonstrated to increase the removal of sodium fluoride, in the form of calcium fluoride, from the body via the urine.  Since such elimination depletes calcium, it’s a good idea to take an effective calcium/magnesium supplement.  Iodine is deficient in most diets, yet it is critical to good health. Seaweed foods and iodine supplements such as Iodoral that combine iodine and potassium iodide are recommended most.  Lipotropics are also recommended as an adjunct to using iodine.
Vitamin C in abundance is a great addition to any fluoride removal program.  However, do not use common ascorbic acid as your vitamin C source.  Instead take in as much natural types and sources of vitamin C including natural L ascorbate as you can tolerate.
Other approaches
Fluoride stored in fatty tissues can be released and eliminated with the help of dry saunas. Since they can be strong enough to cause some side effects or an occasional healing crisis, it is advisable to keep water intake high and drink some chickweed tea to protect the kidneys.  As is the case with iodine, it is also advisable to take a highly absorbable calcium/magnesium supplement and add lipotropics.
The pulp, bark, and leaves from the tamarind tree can be converted to teas, extracts and tinctures to aid in eliminating fluorides through the urine.  Tamarind was originally indigenous to Africa but migrated into India and southeast Asia, and has been used medicinally in Ayurvedic Medicine.
Though it has not been proven conclusively, there is evidence that melatonin helps remove fluoride by increasing decalcification of the pineal gland.  In addition to melatonin supplementation, plenty of daytime physical activity and/or exercise, a healthy diet, not overeating, and meditation/relaxation exercises all contribute to higher melatonin production from the pineal gland.
Other items which may help eliminate fluoride include apple pectin, zeolite minerals, turmeric, cayenne, parsley, chlorella and cilantro.
Thus, even though dangerous man-made fluoride is exceedingly difficult to avoid entirely, by making the right choices and taking simple steps we can all greatly reduce our exposure to fluoride and eliminate much of what we do have in our bodies.
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Tony Isaacs, is a natural health advocate and researcher and the author of books and articles about natural health, longevity and beating cancer including “Cancer’s Natural Enemy“. Mr. Isaacs also has The Best Years in Life website for baby boomers and others wishing to avoid prescription drugs and mainstream managed illness and live longer, healthier and happier lives naturally. He is currently residing in scenic East Texas and frequently commutes to the even more scenic Texas hill country near San Antonio and Austin to give lectures in health seminars. Mr. Isaacs also hosts the CureZone “Ask Tony Isaacs – featuring Luella May” forum as well as the Yahoo Health Group “Oleander Soup“. He is working on a major book project due for publication later this year.

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