Replacing Plavix

Question: You write that omega-3 oil, Ginkgo biloba, magnesium, grape seed extract, and pycnogenol are safer and more beneficial than Plavix. Do I need to take all of these or just some to replace my Plavix?


Dr. Blaylock’s Answer:


The best protection against excessive blood clotting would be to take all of them, as each works in a different way. The grape seed extract and pycnogenol (an extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree) strengthen blood vessels and reduce abnormal blood clotting without interfering with normal clotting.


The omega-3 oils (with EPA) slightly reduce clotting, and Ginkgo biloba in a dose of 250 mg a day has the anticoagulant effect of taking one aspirin. It also improves oxygen delivery and energy production by the heart.


Do not take any anticoagulant medication with these supplements.

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