Top 10 Bodybuilding Supplement Scams

This website will give you all the information needed to avoid being ripped off from buying bodybuilding supplements that are completely worthless and will not help you to grow one ounce of muscle.  Many of these bodybuilding supplements are very popular and millions of bottles are sold each year.  But these bodybuilding supplements are nothing more than ineffective scam products sold on false marketing claims, hype, and trends.  If you want to grow muscle avoid buying these supplements and instead get yourself a high quality protein powder.   I will list them in order of top ten, with #1 being the most popular and least effective for muscle growth. 

#1.  Nitric Oxide Suppplements, otherwise known as N.O supplements.


This is the biggest scam is supplement history.  These products are based on the ingredient L-Arginine and its other forms to increase nitrate levels in the blood.  L-Arginine does NOT increase nitrate levels in the blood.

Just recently a research study came out that tested the top 3 best selling Nitric Oxide products on the market.  The study stated that these products are HIGHLY ineffective.


#2. Caffeine, mainly found in preworkout supplements.


Caffeine is used many in preworkout supplements. Supplement company’s like to think that if they put caffeine in their supplements that you will enjoy the wired feeling. Well Im here to tell you that caffeine sucks, and sucks big time if your trying to put on muscle mass. Actually caffeine will actually help you REDUCE muscle mass.

Caffeine INCREASES cortisol!!! Cortisol is a CATABOLIC hormone. Catabolic means MUSCLE wasting.

Here’s proof of that caffeine raises cortisol

Caffeine Stimulation of Cortisol Secretion Across the Waking Hours in Relation to Caffeine Intake Levels — Lovallo et al. 67 (5): 734 — Psychosomatic Medicine

Cortisol responses to mental stress, exercise, and… [Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2006] – PubMed result

Stress-like adrenocorticotropin responses to caffe… [Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1996] – PubMed result

so before you are so quick to chug down NO X Nuclear explosion or JUMP3D preworkout supplement laced with caffeine and shit from china think twice….youre really just taking 1 step forward and two steps back. Instead maybe you should review your diet and make sure you are getting enough dietary fats and natural carbs (like my oatmuscle) if you dont have the energy to workout. Your test levels might also be low.

Read more about it at this forum.

3. Waxy Maize


A complete scam spawned from Vitargo. Vitargo is totally legit as they dont even use waxy maize anymore. Only buy from Genr8. Company’s just tried to rip off Vitargo and read the ingredient deck as “waxy maize” so the dumb ass supplement company’s went out and just bought waxy maize thinking it would work the same as Vitargo. Well it doesnt.

Read more….
Is Vitargo® the same thing as “waxy maize” or high molecular weight starches? Vitargo® can be made from most plant starches—what makes Vitargo® patented and the Fastest Muscle Fuel™ is not the source or the molecular size but the unique, patented molecular “handprint”, proven in university studies in athletes—not lab rats or test tubes—to greatly outperform other ordinary carbs, from your gut to getting more performance within 2 hours after exhaustive exercise. In fact, the first two studies done on Vitargo® used potato starch as the starting source. For several years through 2005, Vitargo® was made from a special strain of corn that is higher in starch—waxy maize. This is where other companies have gotten the idea of using different “waxy maize” starches. However, none of these other, non-Vitargo starches have any human studies showing a Vitargo® effect. Furthermore, some of these unproven carbohydrate source might even cost less, however some of them, based upon laboratory analysis, are likely to be indigestible, delivering little or no glucose to the blood, liver, and muscles. If you want Vitargo® results…get Vitargo®S2. It’s cheaper to lose™.

To read more forum talk click here.

4. Energy Shots

Energy Shots (catabolic hormone releasing products)

These are the products that you see right on the counter of the qwikie marts and wawa’s and 7 eleven’s. Sold in like a 3 oz little bottle. These are nothing more than caffeine drinks with each one containing different dosages and different nutracueticals to make one stand out from the rest. They all suck if you are looking to build muscle and lose bodyfat. Nothing good comes from caffeine. Its a catabolic supplement. Using caffeine will force the body to release cortisol which eats away muscle mass and helps you store fat. I would not use these products.

Funny because I see some supplement company’s that sell their so -called muscle building products sell these products. Thus it just puts them in the category of “sell anything to make a fast buck”.

I found a study that shows how caffeine increase cortisol…ubmed_RVDocSum…ubmed_RVDocSum

5.  Protein in Flexible Packets or Carbboard boxes.


Im seeing alot of company’s starting to sell protein in these very small little packets that are made out of like foil flexible material. You can tear them open and they are like little gels and you can swallow them right then and there.


Because in order to keep the whey protein in there they have to kill all the bacteria, like salmonella, e coli and then SEAL the packet while its scorching hot! How hot up to 200 degree’s. What does this do. It completely DENATURES the protein.

Dont use them. Instead use a bar, powder, or REFRlGERATED RTD.

6.  1,3-dimethylamylamine otherwise know as geranium


This ingredient is now being somewhat widely used by supplement company’s. It has NOT been approved by the FDA as a dietary supplement. I’ve seen posts on other forums saying the product is legal, but it is NOT.

Two thumbs down to the company’s that put this shit into their products.

It is mainly used in pre-workout supplements.

7.  ZMA


ZMA is a mineral supplement that supposedly supports testosterone and lean muscle mass. This is a complete scam and ripoff. It will do nothing for you. If you don’t believe me go and read the book “Game of Shadows” and it will give you truth of how ZMA came to be.

Read more forum talk here.

8.  All those crazy forms of creatine.


I am sure you have come across these if you were searching for a creatine supplement…..

Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL
Creatine Gluconate
Dicreatine Malate

Creatine pyruvate

the truth of the matter is ALL these products are made in China. The ONLY creatine NOT made in China is Creapure. thus its the ONLY one I personally use.

9.  Soy Protein


Soy Protein contains isoflavones which are estrogenic.  Anything estrogenic means increase bodyfat , loss of muscle mass, and lowered testosterone.

10.  Anything with pretending to be a steroid replacer.


You can find numerous ads in the back of muscle magazines selling products with name like:  Dianibol, anadrall 50, retabol, Furostan, and Maxsterone.  These are all a complete waste of money.  They are all then sold by company’s with names that sound like pharmaceutical company’s, like Pharmaquest.  Stay away from these products.

Products I recommend:


  1.  Whey Isolate Protein:  Easily the highest quality protein that there is.  Use it to get anabolic and grow some serious muscle.  My favorite is from
  2.  Egg White Protein:  The gold standard of protein.  Slightly slower digesting than whey.  I buy mine here.
  3.  Flax Oil:  The best muscle building dietary fat on the planet.  I use mine in powdered form.  I get something called Omega Muscle.

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