Tocotrienols Possess Anti-Aging Properties

In June 2011 I reported in my article Tocotrienols Extend Telomeres and Turn Back the Clock on a key anti-aging mechanism of tocotrienols.  Several new studies now add to the exciting anti-aging properties of tocotrienols.

Fibroblasts are the carpenters of connective tissue in your body.  They are your rejuvenation and repair team, which assemble nutrients into the physical tissue structure that makes up your body.  As they age they lose their ability to perform work as well as split and divide to make new fibroblasts.  This leaves you with a crew of tired carpenters, more old tissues and less new tissue – meaning your body is aging.  A new study with human fibroblasts shows that gamma tocotrienol can help offset the slide of fibroblasts into this aged condition.  It was shown that specific gene signals that occur during aging were suppressed by gamma tocotrienol, allowing prolonged youthfulness of fibroblasts.

Another study showed that tocotrienols helped protect skin fibroblasts from free radical damage while simultaneously turning on genes in the fibroblasts that enhanced the production of collagen.  We can now classify tocotrienols as an anti-wrinkle nutrient, helping reduce the effects of stress on skin that results in skin aging.

Thursday, March 08, 2012  –  Byron Richards, CCN
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