Multiple Sclerosis: The Cause and the Solution Uncovered–at Last!

An exhaustive analysis of the medical and scientific literature, authored by a
uniquely qualified food scientist, persuasively reveals the cause of MS and
describes a path to recovery and prevention. The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
are identical to those of an uncommon form of poisoning—methanol poisoning.

Individuals who have been exposed to this poison over a long period of time, in
fact, develop MS. This poison—methanol--is a major component of cigarette
smoke, which, until now, has been the only known cause of Multiple Sclerosis.
Dr. Monte's compelling work reveals that this poison is also contained in certain
foods that are canned and smoked or have had the insidious sweetener, aspartame,
added to them.
Unfortunately, the truth has been obscured due to the fact that methanol is a poison
only to humans and not to (laboratory) animals.
If you have MS, or love someone who does, you and your physician should read
what Dr. Monte has to say about methanol and its link to MS. To expedite the free
exchange of what might be lifesaving information about this disease, there is a file
attached below to his website that contains a full copy of Chapter 9 of his book,
While Science Sleeps. This chapter examines the cause of MS and posits the
simple dietary changes that can save your life.
Download a free copy of Chapter 9  and have a read. The references are located on
his website:, as are the simple
dietary changes that you must follow because your life may depend on it:
Everything you need to know about MS is in Chapter 9. If you are interested in
knowing more about methanol poisoning and its link to other diseases of
civilization, you will want to read the entire book, While Science Sleeps, by
Woodrow C. Monte PHD, Emeritus Professor of Nutrition and Food Science,
Arizona State University.
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