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Ive been very fortunate to have had the opportunity of playing professional football for 7 years. During that time, I had the privileged to have met and worked with many different mentors and role models who taught me the value of hard work and good work ethic. I have been trained by coaches who learned from football legends such as Buddy Ryan, Jack Pardee, Neill Armstrong, Bob Landsee, Mike Ditka and Doug Plank just to name a few. I learned so much from the game of football but most importantly it has taught me about the game of life.

With all the amazing opportunities I have been given in my life, one thing i have learned that the secret to life is giving! Now that my football career is sadly over, I would like to give to each and every one of you the gift of health!

I have strong beliefs toward the medical establishment and government which some may view as controversial but i have done my research and know what i believe in. Please let me share with you my knowledge and help you live a long and healthy life!



Matt Huebner



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