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Eagle River

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Matt Huebner
CPT ACSM, Health and Nutrition Specialist

30 minute training session: 25$
30 minute training session for couples/partners: 40$
60 minute training session: 40$
60 minute training session for couples/partners: 70$

Services in addition to training:
Nutrition consultation: add 25$
Custom tailored 6 workout plan: 20$
High potency homemade weight loss tea(yerba mate, green and white tea) add 15$/gallon

Nutrition services:
60 minute nutrition consultation: 50$
Follow-up consultations: 30$
In home 60 minute training session at your house+meal plan: 75$
In home follow-up consultations: 50$
1 hour grocery store tour: 80$
Custom tailored training 8 week workout program: 40$

5- 60 minute training sessions:  160$
5- 30 minute training sessions:  125$
10- 60 minute training sessions: 350$
10- 30 minute training sessions:  230$
Ironman: 10- 60 minute training sessions + 60 minute nutrition consultation + 6 week workout program and 2 follow up nutrition consultations: 400$
Warrior: 5- 60 minute training sessions + 60 minute nutrition consultation + 2  follow up nutrition consultations: 225$
Soldier: 5- 30 minute training session + 60 minute nutrition consultation + 1 follow up nutrition consultation: 150$

Are you stuck in a rut, bored with training, hit a training plateau or weight loss plateau? Help is here!

My name is Matt Huebner.  I am a certified Personal Trainer. I  played professional football for 5 years.  Fitness and health are my passion! I am here to share my vast training background, consisting of extensive and individualized workout programs as well as the use of supplements. Whether you want to be the next body builder or just need guidance with a fitness routine, let me help you reach your goals.


I have advanced experience with supplementation,  nutrition and anti-aging protocols, I can enhance your metabolism so you can get the most out of life. Anybody can lose weight when they first start exercising, that can be easy. In order to keep the scale going in the right direction you have to address hunger hormones which are effected by environmental factors, including the wrong foods.
Are you suffering from nagging injuries, just coming off surgery or want to get the most out of your achy joints? With over 30 documented injuries in my football days, Ive been in the training room and physical therapy more than I would have like to been. From 4 knee surgeries, multiple shoulder problems,  chronic back pain, hamstring pulls, tendonitis, numerous ankle and Achilles strains and sprains, I am highly experienced in rehabilitation, mobilization and stabilization to get you back on the field, court, diamond, golf course or just better quality of life.
Unfortunately in this age we live in, food is no longer something we eat, it is a commodity that is traded on the stock market without regard to your health. The establishment doesn’t care about your weight or health, only the weight of their wallets and therefore we are being brainwashed daily to eat this and that. Let me ask you this, would you feed a million dollar racehorse fast food? Would you put E-85 fuel in your racecar? We only have one chance in life, and its too short to be unhealthy and on rx drugs, you owe it to yourself to put high octane fuel in your body and enjoy it to the fullest.
There are many gimmicks and scams out there to get you to waste your hard earned dollar, don’t fall for the latest and greatest, go with the tried, true and proven methods that I research daily.
So what are you waiting for?  Help me optimize your health potential. Your path to new health is a session away! Let me help you design a custom tailored workout to fit your needs and goals and best yet, no counting calories!

Knowledge in, but not limited to: Weight loss, Cancer, arthritis, autism, rheumatoid, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, lupus, diabetes, IBS, crohns, heart disease, food allergies, chronic fatigue, ADD, digestion, candida, Physical Therapy, Cholesterol, osteoporosis, anti aging

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  1. Angela says:

    Saw you on Channel 12. Was trying to win a free session. My internet is so slow-ugh!!!! Well it was worth the try anyway

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