High Salt Diet Protects Against Infection, Boosts Immunity

Pink Himalayan Salt

The dietary tides are once again turning for salt.

You may remember a landmark JAMA study in 2011 that showed that contrary to what the medical community espoused for years – salt actually lengthens your life; it doesn’t cut your life or raise the risk of hypertension. That study found that people actually lived longer if they consumed salt. Notably, they were not studying pink Himalayan salt, but regular old, processed table salt. (more…)

10 Ways To Balance Hormones Naturally

 How to Naturally Balance HormonesHormones, such as estrogen and insulin, are chemical messengers that affect many aspects of your health as they travel in your bloodstream throughout your entire body.  Some of the most common side effects of hormone imbalance include:

  • Infertility
  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Low libido
  • Hair loss and hair thinning

Organs and glands like your thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries, testicles and pancreas regulate most of your hormone production and if your hormones become even slightly imbalanced it can cause major health issues. (more…)

Is Adrenal Fatigue the Reason You’re Chronically Tired?

adrenal fatigue 2 300x198 Is Adrenal Fatigue the Reason Youre Chronically Tired?Do you have adrenal fatigue? If you are chronically tired and have lost the ability to handle stress, chances are you have adrenal fatigue, a condition often overlooked by traditional doctors. The adrenal glands produce several key hormones, including adrenaline (the fight or flight hormone) and cortisol (the stress hormone).  When a person is under excessive or prolonged stress, the adrenal glands respond by producing excessive secretions of these hormones until they become exhausted.  Adrenal fatigue can affect anyone who experiences frequent, persistent or severe mental, emotional or physical stress, a common occurrence in the modern world.  When this happens, many body systems may be affected. (more…)

Adrenal Fatigue


In my previous article I discussed Susan, a 38-year-old woman with insomnia that gradually increased over the past two years. Her sleeplessness came from adrenal fatigue. Disruption of the adrenal hormones can result in adrenal fatigue, which frequently interferes with sleep. This article about adrenal fatigue explores the hormones involved and the symptoms of this condition so you can recognize it.

Adrenal Gland Hormones And Stress (more…)

Rekindle a zest for life with adrenal health

A silent and little known epidemic is causing fatigue, weight-gain, and chronic illness in fast-paced America. This pervasive syndrome is linked with two small glands known as the adrenals. Responsible for producing more than 50 crucial hormones, the health of the adrenal glands is imperative for well-being. By tending to the adrenals through diet, supplementation, and stress reduction, vibrancy and health are restored. (more…)

Are you Tired and Rundown from Adrenal Fatigue?

Do you feel tired and rundown most of the time and have problems getting a good rest – and when you are able to sleep it does not seem to help much with how tired you feel?  If so, your problem may be adrenal fatigue, particularly if you have experienced major stress in your life.  Fortunately fixing adrenal fatigue is relatively simple to do. If the right steps are taken you may soon be able to renew your adrenals and gain back vitality, energy and wellness. (more…)