Special hormone released by bone cells plays an important role in blood sugar regulation

Most people have viewed bones as inanimate structures within the body that merely play a role in providing structural integrity to the body. New research is revealing just how dynamic bone structure is to the nervous, immune and endocrine system. A bone released hormone is now considered by researchers one of the foremost players in controlling blood sugar and inflammation. (more…)

How AGEs Affect Allergies

Our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of action behind the physiological effects of food and environmental sensitivities is well elucidated; however, our knowledge of the “why” behind their symptoms continues to remain a mystery. Clearly, immunologic processes exist to protect us, but sensitivities can develop at any point in a person’s life regardless of their health history.

So what does leave certain people more vulnerable to sensitivities than others? While there are likely a variety of factors that play a role, researchers are beginning to explore the very real possibility that a relationship exists between the development of food or environmental sensitivities and Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), which explains why in my clinical practice and those of other health care practitioners we have noticed a worsening of symptoms that seem to occur in patients who consume diets high in processed (sugary) foods and who experience blood sugar imbalances.

This article will discuss the possible link between AGEs and environmental and food sensitivities. (more…)