Types of Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air

Why invest in expensive electrical air purifiers when you could purchase a few types of houseplants to clean and filter the air naturally and inexpensively?

19 Houseplants Clean the Air, from sustainablebabysteps.com
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Much of the research on these beneficial houseplants has been done by NASA scientists researching ways to create suitable space station habitats. All indoors plants (flowering or not) are able to purify indoor air to some degree through their normal photosynthesis processes. But some were found to be more beneficial than others in removing harmful household toxins, even removing 90% of chemicals in the air in only twenty-four hours!

The three main household toxins of concern are:

  • benzene
  • formaldahyde
  • trichloroethylene

These carcinogenic chemicals are used in the manufacturing of synthetic substances and materials and are off-gased from new materials for some time (up to several years, depending on the material of product in question). Benzene can also be emitted from gas ranges during use, making some types of houseplants below great for use in the kitchen. (more…)

Benzene & Benzene Detoxification

Benzene pollution occurs in the air we breath, in certain food stuffs we eat and in the many personal, cosmetic and health care products we rub on our bodies.  Mother Nature equipped our bodies with the metabolic machinery to detoxify small amounts of benzene and benzol compounds but the problem comes from excessive benzene burdens resulting from prolonged and frequently repeated exposure to these organic chemicals. (more…)