Antioxidants Aid in Healthy Aging

A recent study reveals that antioxidants may play a role in healthy aging. Antioxidants are beneficial nutrients naturally found in various foods that can help prevent a wide range of diseases. Their claim to fame is their ability to fight free radicals—highly unstable forms of oxygen—and, in the process, prevent oxidative stress that can lead to aging and disease ranging from macular degeneration and cataracts to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.As you age, boosting your antioxidant intake becomes even more important because your body’s natural defenses against free radicals weaken. Certain lifestyle choices and environmental factors can also increase free radicals, such as smoking, sunbathing and exposure to toxins.

In this study, researchers aimed to investigate the aging of older French adults five years after a period of taking daily antioxidant supplements.

Between the years of 1994 and 2002, the participants received either placebo tablets or a combination of antioxidant nutrients, including:

  • Vitamin C (120 mg)
  • Beta-carotene (6 mg)
  • Vitamin E (30 mg)
  • Selenium (100 µg)
  • Zinc (20 mg)

Then between 2007 and 2009, the researchers assessed how the seniors were aging. Among other factors, they evaluated the presence or absence of major disease and physical and cognitive function.

They found that supplementation with antioxidants “was associated with a greater healthy aging probability among men” but not women.

Even so, they emphasized the beneficial role antioxidants may have in healthy aging in both genders—and boosting levels of those antioxidants may simply mean eating more fruits and vegetables. They concluded, “An adequate supply of antioxidant nutrients (equivalent to quantities provided by a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables) may have a beneficial role for healthy aging.”

Assmann KE, et al. Am J Epidemiol. 2015 Oct 15;182(8):694-704.

Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs For Aches and Pains


If you’re currently taking drugs for your inflammation, then you need to read this article.

First things first – chronic inflammation doesn’t need to be your enemy. That is, as long as you know how to properly deal with it.

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of almost every disease and illness known to man. This includes (but is not limited to) arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, Chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis, autoimmune disease, asthma, acne, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

By making slight shifts in your lifestyle, supplementing with anti-inflammatory herbs, and removing inflammatory foods like gluten, meat, eggs, dairy, refined sugar and margarine, you’ll experience less pain, gain more energy and improve your moods.

1. Turmeric


The Top 12 Best Foods and Antioxidants While You Are Sick With A Cold or Flu

When you have a sore throat or if you’re congested, you might not want to eat. You feel worn down and swallowing can be very painful. Here are 12 of the most amazing foods and antioxidants that will help alleviate symptoms and even shorten the duration of any cold or flu.

1) Chili Peppers
Scientists have reported that chili peppers are a heart-healthy food with potential to protect against the No. 1 cause of death in the developed world. Chili peppers are a natural remedy for a sore throat that can often precede a cold or flu. Yes, that feeling of having crushed glass floating around in your throat can often be remedied without conventional over-the-counter analgesics. A mixture of hot red chili powder – often called Cayenne pepper – and orange juice is a very effective remedy for sore throats and congestion in general.

2) Honey
“The unique property of honey lies in its ability to fight infection on multiple levels, making it more difficult for bacteria to develop resistance,” said study leader Susan M. Meschwitz, Ph.D. That is, it uses a combination of weapons, including hydrogen peroxide, acidity, osmotic effect, high sugar concentration and polyphenols — all of which actively kill bacterial cells, she explained. The osmotic effect, which is the result of the high sugar concentration in honey, draws water from the bacterial cells, dehydrating and killing them. Honey is one of the most incredible non-perishable foods that can kill almost every type of bacteria.


Simple Ways to Doctor Your Meals Into Healing Foods

by Heather Callaghan

“Eating healthy” means a lot of things to different people and it might seem complicated with all the millions of books, programs, and websites available. It might seem complicated with a busy schedule and limited budget. But it doesn’t have to be if you’d like to take the “doctor up your foods” method – which simply means adding a bit more to your already existing diet and getting quick results.

The following are superfoods that you can easily get from most grocery stores and then some additional ones to get online or in bulk from health food stores.

They pack a giant nutritional and alkaline punch. You’re basically taking food supplements but without the great expense. Feel free to add them to anything!

Lemon juice – Forget expensive multi-level marketing water ionizers…who wants to pay $4k when you can just add lemon to your water. Turn your water or tea alkaline and clean out the liver for pennies. Only use real fresh squeezed lemons.

Genetic Evidence That Antioxidants Kill Cancer

Researchers of Jefferson’s Kimmel Cancer Center have produced genetic evidence suggesting antioxidant drugs could help prevent and treat cancer. With research already showcasing the powers of various cancer fighting foods, this research further shows how dangerous mainstream medical testing and treatments can be outranked by nature’s gifts.

“Antioxidants have been associated with cancer reducing effects—beta carotene, for example—but the mechanisms, the genetic evidence, has been lacking,” says lead researcher Michael P. Lisanti, M.D., Ph.D.  “Now we have genetic proof that mitochondrial oxidative stress is important for driving tumor growth.”

Oxidative Stress and Tumor Growth (more…)

Berries, pomegranates shown to have highest anti-cancer activity of any fruits

Numerous studies have confirmed that berries are the best foods to maximize your intake of disease-fighting antioxidants, and have also identified the other fruits and vegetables with the highest antioxidant content.

Antioxidants are increasingly implicated as the chemicals behind many of the health-promoting benefits of fruits and vegetables. They act in part by cleansing the body of free radicals, which can cause cell and DNA damage that leads to the effects of aging and to many chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Just one cup per day

One major study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2004, analyzed the antioxidant levels of more than a hundred separate foods including fruits, vegetables, breads, cereals, nuts and spices. (more…)

Seven of the best raw foods to add to your diet now

The health benefits of eating certain foods raw are numerous, as raw foods are essentially living foods that contain live enzymes, undamaged nutrients, and alkaline-forming compounds that help nourish and cleanse the body. And you do not necessarily have to take the leap to a completely raw diet to gain the many health benefits of raw foods. Simply incorporating more raw foods into your existing diet can help bring about positive changes that will help you look and feel your best.

Here are seven of the best raw foods you can begin adding to your diet today, if you have not added them already: (more…)

Don’t Be Fooled By Expensive Superfoods – Foods With Highest Antioxidants Are The Cheapest

The top six foods with the highest antioxidant values on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale are cheaper and more readily available the more expensive alternatives with lower ORAC scores.

Although cocoa and acai are popularly promoted in health circles as the top superfoods having the highest antioxidant values, this is only hype as part of their marketing efforts to promote what has quickly become a billion dollar industry. The fact is, they don’t even make the list of top six foods with the highest ORAC values which is one of the most accurate methods of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples.

ORAC units or “ORAC score” were developed by the National Institute on Aging in the National Institutes of Health (NIH). While the exact relationship between the ORAC value of a food and its health benefit has not been established, it is believed that foods higher on the ORAC scale will more effectively neutralize free radicals. According to the free-radical theory of aging, this will slow the oxidative processes and free radical damage that can contribute to age-related degeneration and disease. (more…)

Genetic Evidence That Antioxidants Kill Cancer

Researchers of Jefferson’s Kimmel Cancer Center have produced genetic evidence suggesting antioxidant drugs could help prevent and treat cancer. With research already showcasing the powers of various cancer fighting foods, this research further shows how dangerous mainstream medical testing and treatments can be outranked by nature’s gifts. (more…)