25 Foods: In The New Year, Eat More To Weigh Less

The tendency to eat one or two large meals per day of all the wrong foods is what eventually leads us to tip the scales. You need to consume more meals, and of the right foods to weigh less. If you make one weight loss resolution in 2013 (in addition to exercise), make it to include and frequently consume the following 25 foods above all else.
* Signifies sources should be organic to minimize pesticide load and maxmize nutrient content.

Alternative Cancer Therapy Updates


There is a piece circulating the web, with no name attached, and few references that I’ve had next to me for a few months. I decided to start googling to find if any studies could back it up. Sure enough, asparagus fights cancer. So we posted the original article in our Alternative Cancer Therapies: Asparagus.

In our Coconut Recipes, we’ve had an Asparagus Soup recipe for some time now, so this December I’ve added an Asparagus and Crab soup recipe.


Here is where my memory disorder really stands tall. I’ve been writing about Iodine for about four years now, from its history, to its benefits, and I’ve even reviewed a number of different forms of it (Magnascent being my personal favorite). We’ve told you how it has been used successfully in treating breast cancer, prostate cancer, and benign cysts. Did I ever post it in our Alternative Cancer Therapy section? Apparently not.

We’ve now posted an article originally published by the wonderful people at Breast Cancer Choices. We highly recommend their site for women with breast cancer. You can also purchase Iodoral, the form of iodine used in cancer studies (Magnascent does not contain enough iodine to be used against cancer). I now take Iodoral daily, and I purchase it from these people fighting for your right to be breast cancer free. And you can read their article here: Iodine.