Opening windows while pregnant improves baby’s health

Women who regularly open the windows of their homes while pregnant are significantly less likely to have premature and low birth weight infants, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Southern California and published in the American Journal of Public Health.

Preterm birth and low birth weight are significantly associated with poor infant health, higher infant morality, and lifelong problems with the heart, breathing and behavior.

Researchers collected information on the birth weights of 1,761 Los Angeles babies, along with information from their mothers about how often windows had been kept open in the home during pregnancy, how often nail polish, hairspray and bug spray were used in the home, and whether anyone smoked inside the home. (more…)

The Most Harmful Medical Intervention Is Done to All of Us

The first medical intervention in everyone’s life is clamping the cord, and it’s doing immense harm. Babies who would have survived are dying. People are suffering permanent damage, including brain damage, as a result. Please, join the campaign to end this travesty!

Newborn by en-shahdi

Newborn by en-shahdi

by Heidi Stevenson

The single most harmful intervention of modern medicine is also the most common, because it’s done to virtually every person born in a hospital, and most born outside it. It deprives us of critical oxygen, iron, and stem cells required for the first burst of independent life. The intervention is assuredly resulting in both higher infant mortality, lower intelligence, and greater debility. The intervention is umbilical cord clamping. (more…)

The deadly effects of synthetic vitamin K

Jabbing our newborns with vitamin K injections significantly increases our children’s chances of developing childhood cancer. In a study of two hospitals, researchers found almost a two-fold risk of leukemia for children who had received intramuscular vitamin K given universally at one hospital compared to the other hospital that did not promote the jab.

The poisoning and destruction of the infants immune system starts in the first hours of life, even before they clobber the newborn with the dangerous hepatitis B vaccine. (more…)

Premature Birth and a Healthy Digestive Tract: 4 Steps of Healing During Pregnancy and Beyond

Early this May, the first-ever national, regional, and global estimates of preterm birth were reported. It turns out that 15 million babies are born too soon, and over 7% of these babies die shortly after birth. (1)

Worldwide, premature birth is the second-leading cause of death in children under the age of five.

In order to combat the rise of preterm births in the United States, routine prenatal care checks for vaginal infection and for the presence of other inflammatory markers.

Inflammatory markers are biochemical signs of trouble. They can signal infection or the body struggling to respond to disease.

Both inflammatory markers and vaginal infection are established risk factors for preterm birth. Unfortunately, it turns out that the golden standard for a healthy birth canal may not be as clear-cut as previously thought. (more…)