Why Most Doctors Are Dead Wrong About Osteoporosis

Why Most Doctors Are Wrong About Osteoporosis

What if everything your doctor told you about osteoporosis and osteopenia was wrong? 

What if osteoporosis were not the primary cause of fractures in aging populations? What if both the definitions of osteoporosis and osteopenia used to justify pharmaceutical treatment were both misleading and age inappropriate?

These are questions we explored in a previous exposé titled, “Osteoporosis Myth: The Dangers of High Bone Mineral Density,” wherein we explored evidence showing the so-called “osteoporosis epidemic” is not an evidence-based concept but a manufactured one designed to serve the interests of a growing industrial medical/pharmaceutical complex.

Now, a powerful new paper published in the Journal of Internal Medicine titled, “Osteoporosis: the emperor has no clothes,” confirms that the primary cause of what are normally labeled “osteoporotic fractures” are falls and related modifiable lifestyle factors and not osteoporosis, i.e. abnormally “porous” or low-density bones.


Build Strong Bones and a Healthy Heart the Natural Way

skeleton 300x300 Build Strong Bones and a Healthy Heart the Natural WayIf you are looking to build strong bones and a healthy heart, taking Fosamax and cardio drugs is not the place to start. Investigational journalism from ABC News has shown how Fosamax causes more bone problems than it solves. At first Fosamax creates the illusion that it can build strong bones because it retards the breakdown of old bone, but this drug which is comprised of phosphonates that are used to clean soap scum, creates an imbalance of two important bone structure mechanisms: osteoblasts and osteoclasts.  This imbalance leads eventually to spontaneous bone fractures. This means that while you swallow Fosomax thinking you are building stong bones, in reality you are setting the stage for crippling disease. (more…)

Green Tea and Tai Chi Team Up to Protect Bones

Green Tea and Tai Chai Team Up to Protect Bones

Green tea is one of the latest superfoods making its way into bottled waters and energy drinks.  You’ll even find it in energy bars, mints, chewing gum and ice cream. It has many claimed health benefits.  Texas researchers add to the list with evidence that green tea aids in the prevention of osteoporosis.  Especially when coupled with a tai chi practice.

Green tea is full of compounds called polyphenols which are known for their potent antioxidant activity. Studies have shown that people who consume the highest levels of green tea polyphenols tend to have lower risks of several chronic degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease. (more…)

Why Having ‘Normal’ or ‘High’ Bone Density is Bad For Your Health

Why Having 'Normal' or 'High' Bone Density is Bad For Your Health

A new study published in The Breast Journal, authored by researchers at the Department of Surgery, St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, NY confirms numerous past studies showing low bone mineral density lowers the risk of breast cancer,[i], [ii], [iii], [iv], [v], [vi], [vii], [viii], [ix], [x], [xi], [xii], [xiii]  and validates the hypothesis that women with breast cancer and low bone mineral density will have lower breast cancer recurrence rates than women with so-called ‘normal’ bone density. (more…)

A Novel Use for Curcumin

Bone is dynamic tissue that goes through regular three- to six-month buildup/breakdown cycles. Osteoclasts are special cells that break down and dissolve old bone. Once they’ve done their job, a team of cells called osteoblasts takes over to build new bone. This continuous cycle keeps the bones healthy and strong, and prevents them from becoming weak and breaking. (more…)

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I hear it every day from my patients and readers. They go to see their doctor, and are told they’re showing signs of bone loss. They’re given all the usual treatment options. (more…)