A drink a day stops bone loss in women after the menopause

Women who face bone loss and endometriosis after menopause might have an alcoholic drink once in a while. It seems to help preserve bone density.

Alcohol seems to have the same bone-preserving qualities as estrogen, and its effects are very significant, say researchers from the Oregon State University. They studied 40 post-menopausal women who regularly had one or two alcoholic drinks a day and weren’t taking HRT. Within two weeks of non-drinking, researchers noticed that the women’s bone deterioration accelerated, and stopped in less than a day when they started drinking again.

Exercise and a good diet play a part, too, say the researchers. The other problem is that this ‘moderate’ amount of alcohol may not be so moderate after all, and revised safety levels are now suggesting just one small glass of wine every other day.

(Source: Menopause, 2012; 19:).

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