Water Fluoridation Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin

The fluoridation of water supplies began more than 60 years ago, and helped usher in the beginning of the “better living through chemistry” era in which we have found ourselves.  Another benchmark of this era is the meteoric rise in neuro-developmental disabilities such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bi-polar disorder, dyslexia, and other cognitive impairments that have afflicted millions of children worldwide with increasing frequency.  Now scientists have documented the connection between these two events, in a study published this month in the journal Lancet Neurology. (more…)

Flu shot fantasies: How influenza vaccines halt flu infections (even when they don’t)

Vaccines are so effective at halting disease that they confer total immunity, say vaccine advocates. “Take a flu shot and you won’t get the flu!” Both flu shots and MMR vaccines are so safe and effective that everybody should be forced to take them, they insist.

And why? Because they claim all those un-vaccinated people will spread disease to the vaccinated people!

(Insert vinyl record screeching sound here.) (more…)

Are Food Cravings and Excess Food Consumption a Sign of Brain Damage?

The problem with sliding down the slippery slope of slow and progressive weight gain over the years is that you may have a lot of trouble pulling yourself up and out of the hole. In fact, new science says you most likely caused brain damage by eating too much food. Such damage causes you to crave and eat what you know you shouldn’t. A variety of new studies shed light on the complex and fascinating subject of food cravings and your mind.

Around your body, insulin acts as a taxicab to transport sugar passengers to places that need them. A primary use of sugar is for fuel, like gas in your car.  Since your cells don’t go to a gas station, insulin takes the gas to them. What your cells don’t need, is transported by insulin to your liver and converted to a form of short-term fuel storage called glycogen. Glycogen can readily be converted back to glucose to sustain your blood sugar levels between meals and while you sleep. If you have more sugar than your liver needs, it is transported to your white adipose tissue to be stored as fat. If that system gets overloaded, fat builds up in all the wrong places such as your liver, pancreas, heart, arteries, and muscles – causing disease. (more…)

Study: fluoridated water causes brain damage in children

A new study pre-published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives confirms that fluoridated water causes brain damage in children. The most recent among 23 others pertaining to fluoride and lowered IQ levels, the new study so strongly proves that fluoride is a dangerous, brain-destroying toxin that experts say it could be the one that finally ends water fluoridation.