Charitable Cancer Fund Raisers are Effectively Ponzi Schemes

Charitable Cancer Fund Raisers are Effectively Ponzi Schemes


By Paul Fassa

Posted Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 12:32pm EDT

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If you haven’t been following Natural News and reading about the annual October Breast Cancer Awareness scam and exposing activities and outcomes of  the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, here’s  something to consider from Health Ranger Mike Adams’ Natural News article of April 22, 2010.

“The cancer industry isn’t even looking for cures for cancer, folks. The cancer scam is just too profitable. It’s a sweet gig and they’re raking in billions of dollars from gullible consumers who continue to be victimized by this fraudulent cancer industry and its dishonest non-profit front groups.” (Emphasis added) (more…)

Is it Time to Boycott This ‘Anti’ Cancer Charity?

The 130-page document linked below explains in detail why the American Cancer Society may be far more interested in accumulating cash than curing any disease. The ACS has close ties to the mammography industry, the cancer drug industry, and the pesticide industry.

It is riddled with conflict of interest.

And in fact, according to the report, the ACS has a reckless, if not criminal record on cancer prevention. Over and over again, they have promoted drugs and screening while ignoring environmental causes.

The report states, in part:

“The ACS … [has] long continued to devote virtually exclusive priority to research on diagnosis and treatment of cancer, with indifference to prevention, other than faulty personal lifestyle, commonly known as ‘blame the victim,’ … Not surprisingly, the incidence of cancer over past decades has escalated”. (more…)