7 of the Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies and What Can be Done About Them


Sofia Adamson, Staff
Waking Times

Many individuals are not getting enough important nutrients from their diet. For many, it is simply due to the fact their diet does not provide adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Even if you try to eat a whole, living foods diet, many foods these days provide fewer nutrients than one might think due to where the food is grown, the quality of the soil, how it is stored and for how long, and how it is processed. Now, consider that many people are dealing with digestive issues and other health conditions that influence their body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food, and you have a recipe for a very unhealthy population.

Because of these factors, there are many common nutrient deficiencies. Supplementation is often necessary, especially if you develop symptoms showing signs of such deficiency. Below is a list of seven of Dr. Mercola’s most popular nutrient deficiencies, and how to address them.

1. Vitamin D


The Fatty Liver

We are all concerned with the obesity epidemic and our patients’ health risks with increased weight. Metabolic syndrome, elevated lipids, hypertension, blood sugar dysfunction, and hyperinsulinism are among the many issues at risk in an overweight patient. The worry that an obese patient may develop diabetes is sufficient reason to focus on diet and exercise. What we often overlook is the fatty liver. As much as 30% of the US population has nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and a significant number of these patients progress to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). In this issue, Dr. Mona Morstein examines the fatty inflamed liver, reviewing its pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment. (more…)

Careful Of Those Dangerous Nutrients Warns Alzheimer’s Association!

Anyone who hasn’t realized that the Alzheimer’s Association is a drug industry shill, there to push worthless drugs like Aricept, just isn’t cynical enough for today’s world!

They hate nutritional therapy. In Sri Lanka, I was blocked from addressing an AA meeting, once they knew I was to talk about vital nutrition.

Now patients are warned about a daily drink combining several nutrients which may help people with early Alzheimer’s disease improve their memory, according to a new study. (more…)

5 Primal Superfoods for Fertility and Pregnancy

pregnant3This is a guest post from Chris Kresser of ChrisKresser.com.

As a clinician with a special interest in fertility and pregnancy nutrition, two of the most common questions my patients ask are:

  • Is a Paleo/Primal Blueprint diet safe during pregnancy?
  • What are the most important foods to eat for boosting fertility and ensuring a healthy pregnancy?

I’m going to answer these questions in this article. But before I do, let’s first take a moment to discuss the importance of proper nutrition for fertility and pregnancy. (more…)

Fatty liver disease – Choline provides a nutritional solution for a silent epidemic

Fatty liver disease used to be associated with alcoholism, but it is no longer restricted to heavy drinkers. Our calorie-rich but nutrient-poor diet has led to an epidemic of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) that tracks our rising obesity and diabetes rates (1). Autopsies and ultrasound studies have shown that up to 75% of the obese and 70-85% of type 2 diabetics have fatty livers. And the low-profile but essential nutrient choline appears to provide the solution to the problem (1, 2). (more…)

Choline on your mind

Some nutrients, like vitamin D, always seem to be making headlines — while others, you just never hear about.

Take choline, for example.

When was the last time you heard about that one? Possibly never — but you might want to add it to your vocabulary, because this B vitamin found in egg yolks, liver, and chicken may have the power to protect your brain and keep dementia at bay. (more…)

Choline Intake Linked to Better Cognitive Performance

Choline is a nutrient building block for the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Loss of choline-related neurons reduces cognitive ability and memory.  Researchers tracked 1391 men and women, average age of 60, for a decade, comparing choline intake to memory and cognitive performance. Those with the highest choline intake clearly did the best. (more…)

The Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Flush: Separating Fact from Fiction

Liver support and cleansing are popular topics in alternative medicine. Liver support is perhaps one of the most widely employed therapeutic options in standard-of-care naturopathic medicine. It would seem that treating the liver is an integral step in the journey from disease to wellness for a huge range of medical complaints to the naturopathic physician. Liver cleansing has a rich historical background based in eclectic medicine and provides a foundation on which general health restoration may be founded. Despite this, liver cleansing remains a little-researched area of modern medicine. Scientific study of botanical medicines and a handful of nutraceuticals have provided sound evidence of liver condition-specific efficacy, yet no studies exist in which liver cleansing as a whole has been explored. The therapeutic success of liver cleansing at this time is mainly anecdotal; to bring this therapy into greater focus requires a case series or clinical study. What we do have is an increasingly growing field of research that is defining how liver-specific nutrients work as protective and restorative medicine. (more…)