9 Herbs and Spices With Proven Health Benefits

9 Herbs and Spices With Proven Health Benefits

Even when our food choices aren’t the best, herbs and spices do more than just improve taste.  They give any meal a nutrition boost.  And according to a new study they may even reverse the damage from an unhealthy meal.

Researchers from Penn State University cooked up coconut chicken, cheese bread and a dessert biscuit for six men. The subjects were aged 30 to 65 and overweight but otherwise healthy.  On one day the meal was served plain.  On another day researchers added two tablespoons of a blend of nine herbs and spices to the meal.

After each meal the researchers drew blood from the subjects every 30 minutes for four hours.  They found that antioxidant activity in the blood increased 13% after the spicy meal compared to the plain meal.

The spices and herbs also decreased post-meal insulin levels by 21% and triglyceride levels in the blood by as much as 31%.  That in turn could reduce heart disease risk.


Can Cinnamon Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

By Michael A. Smith, MD

Of all the problems that can come along with aging, the loss of mental function is often feared the most, for good reason. For many of us, a gradual decline in physical abilities seems somewhat acceptable, but a disease that threatens our memories and ability to recognize familiar faces is another story altogether.

With Alzheimer’s disease, brain cell to brain cell connections are lost due to abnormal protein deposits that form in your brain’s extra-cellular matrix. These connections normally serve as “information highways” for learning, memory development and recall. Without them, our ability to think and remember suffers incredibly.

Amazingly enough, compounds in cinnamon may actually offer hope as a future prevention and treatment strategy for Alzheimer’s disease by warding off these abnormal protein deposits and preserving brain cell connections. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Watch the short video below for a great explanation from our own Dr. Michael Smith:

Cinnamon Combined With Magnesium Decreases Blood Pressure More Than Any Hypertension Medication In The World

Supplementation with cinnamon has been found to lower blood pressure in pre-diabetic and diabetic people. Cinnamon combined with magnesium, diet and lifestyle changes may lead to overall reductions in blood pressure up to 25mm Hg, a reduction lower than any hypertension medication can achieve without side effects.


Data from 22 trials with magnesium supplements revealed that the mineral may reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, researchers from the University of Hertfordshire report in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. (more…)


We find the evidence backed with hard research on why Ceylon Cinnamon maybe the solution for blood sugar control, weight loss, alertness, creating natural disinfectants, cancer prevention, IBS and much more. Take a closer look at the evidence. It is compelling.

The FDA has not approved Cinnamon to cure any medical condition. This information is presented for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness. Consult a physician before taking any Cinnamon.


  1. Blood Sugar Control – Several studies have found that Cinnamon has properties that help those with insulin resistance. It is therefore very popular with Type 2 diabetics who take it to control their blood sugar variations.

    Ceylon Cinnamon is particularly popular because it has low levels of Coumarin. compared to Cassia Cinnamon found in your grocery store. In case you did not know Coumarin in high doses can cause liver damage. Another study found that Ceylon Cinnamon has no effect on blood sugar control and only Cassia Cinnamon has this effect. (more…)

Certain Foods that “KILL” Belly Fat and Others that “CAUSE” Belly Fat: Here are 15 Foods that will Flatten that Bulge

Certain Foods that “KILL” Belly Fat and Others that “CAUSE” Belly Fat Here are 15 Foods that will Flatten that Bulge

1. Avocados: These little suckers are loaded with two nutrients that are KEY to killing belly fat: hunger-crushing fiber 11 to 17 grams per avocado!, and monounsaturated fats, which studies have shown to actually “spot reduce” belly fat. Zowie

2. Peanut Butter: Okay, not just peanut butter, but mostly any seeds and nuts and these are the best: pistachios, walnuts, almonds (or almond butter, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds. Why? They keep you full and satisfied for long periods of time, and they’re stuffed with healthy, belly-burning fats and minerals (more…)

These five superfoods are scientifically proven to halt the spread of breast cancer

Though there is little meaningful talk about this important subject in the mainstream media, cancer prevention is something that every single person needs to be thinking about, especially in light of the excess of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), environmental chemicals, and other modern exposures linked to rapidly rising rates of this deadly disease. And one of the best ways to avoid getting cancer is to fortify your body with a robust nutritional profile rich in cancer-fighting “superfoods.” (more…)

Cinnamon beats Alzheimers

by Craig Stellpflug

The miracle spice cinnamon is the scented bark of a tropical evergreen tree, native to India and Sri Lanka. Cinnamon comes from an evergreen tree in Southeast Asia and is cultivated widely in Vietnam, China, Burma, and Laos for its bark and the oil processed from the bark. Once upon a time in ancient Rome, cinnamon was worth more than silver. (more…)

Cinnamon as an Anti-Aging Skin Nutrient

In recent years a water-soluble cinnamon extract originally developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture has shown great promise in lowering blood sugar, correcting insulin resistance, and improving metabolic signaling to combat obesity and the metabolic syndrome.  A new study expands on the role of cinnamon extracts, showing that cinnamon can promote collagen synthesis in skin, leading researchers to conclude, “cinnamon extract is useful in anti-aging treatment of skin.” (more…)

Win the War Against Carb Cravings

Can’t keep your hands out of the bread basket or control yourself around chocolate cake? If you feel like you’re always on the losing end of your sugar cravings, you may count yourself among the growing ranks of so-called “carb addicts”… a popular title for self-professed carbohydrate junkies. And research shows this title is a lot more fitting than you ever may have thought. (more…)

How Blood Sugar Levels Influence Food Cravings

Of course you know what a good diet is and what you are supposed to be eating. And then along comes one of the nasty cravings for your favorite excess-calorie food and just as sure as the sun follows darkness, your diet will now have to start tomorrow. How did this happen? Could it be that your willpower is just incredibly weak? Or is it a more sinister plot, one involving survival gone wrong? (more…)