Citrus Pectin—the New Therapy for Cancer & Heart Disease?

Citrus Pectin

Pectins (derived from the white part under all types of citrus fruit peels) have traditionally been used as thickening and stabilizing agents for stored foods like fruit and berry jams. Scientists now know they’re much more than thickening agents.
A family of rogue proteins travels unchecked in your bloodstream wrecking havoc on your cells. The science sounds like an anarchist’s playbook, but our modern stressful lifestyle and a diet of refined foods unleashes the bad actors of our immune system, including proteins that trigger an inflammatory response.

Rogue proteins target healthy cells and set the stage for disease. These bad actors include amyloids that are associated with Alzheimer’s and diabetes, prions associated with mad cow disease, and galectins associated with chronic inflammation that causes heart disease and accelerates aging.

Today we’ll talk about galectins, and what you do to tame them before they cause problems.

Galtectin-3: A Prime Source of Chronic Disease