Oil of Oregano: A Powerhouse for the Alternative Medicine Cabinet


Oregano is nature’s antibiotic. It may be one reason why people who eat a Mediterranean diet tend to live longer and healthier lives. Besides making pizza, pasta and salad taste great, the oil of the wild oregano plant has been shown to kill unwanted bacteria, fungus, yeast, parasites and viruses. It’s a powerful antihistamine. New research is finding that oil of oregano is as effective against colitis as prescription drugs without the harmful side effects. It is also able to regenerate liver cells. (more…)

The Co-option of Probiotics Has Begun

Beneficial bacteria are in the news with new probiotic research now promoting their benefits. It appears the medical community has decided to “step in” and take over this core natural medicine concept and make it their own. And not surprisingly, not one article about these new studies makes mention of the fact that 90% of their conclusions about the benefits of probiotics has been known and incorporated into natural healing programs for many years. Probiotics are now being co-opted. (more…)

Manage HIV and AIDS naturally – Colon health

In the video Clear HIV/AIDS Naturally says Luc Montagnier who Discovered HIV (http://www.naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=B…) Dr. Montagnier explains something that Naturopaths and Homeopaths working with HIV/AIDS in Africa have known for years: Proper nutrition and nutritional therapy can dramatically improve the health of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) and can keep HIV/AIDS under control. The day one has to resort to drug therapies may be put off for a very long time. A good starting point for naturopathic therapy would be improving colon health.