Trained body burns more fat with gentle endurance exercise

Whether and how much endurance training bodybuilders should do is a subject that athletes and trainers will never agree on. Irritating? Well, we’re only too happy to fan the flames, so we dug up an article from fifteen years ago which suggests that endurance training can help keep fat reserves under control – even when athletes don’t exert themselves too much.


Top Herbs for Energy, Mood and Endurance

Feeling the effects of exhaustion and stress? It’s difficult not to when the demands of life seem to be constantly increasing. Most of us just keep pushing to make it though another day and fulfill our responsibilities. Meanwhile, all that stress and energy loss is silently chipping awayat our bodies.

Study: Colostrum helps treat leaky gut syndrome

Heavy-training athletes, and runners in particular, often suffer from “leaky gut syndrome,” a condition in which bowel health becomes damaged due to increased permeability of gut lining. But a new study published in the American Journal of Physiology – Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology has found a viable solution — bovine colostrum. (more…)

Cordyceps, the Medicinal Mushroom Superfood

Alfredo is a 60-year old sport cyclist who rides his bike 200 miles a week. Yet, he finds his endurance declining over the past few years. He finds he lags behind on trips and is no longer able to keep up with the younger guys in his group. Alfredo’s friend suggested a visit to my office to find the problem.

Alfredo was sent to the lab for a complete evaluation including a testosterone level. The results showed his testosterone level was actually quite good, so instead, I instead suggested an energy super food called Cordyceps Sinensis. He agreed to try it, and two weeks later, an amazed Alfredo reported his endurance has improved and he is riding faster and farther than before, thanks to the Cordyceps. Rather than lagging behind, he is now the leader of the pack.  (more…)