Diffusing This Essential Oil May Be Effective Treatment for Lung Cancer

In a recently-published study, researchers have concluded: Essential oil components have the crucial advantage of being directly delivered to lung tissue through inhalation.

Litsea cubeba or May Change essential oil

May Chang essential oil is from the seeds of the fruit from this flowering tree.

This (paraphrased) statement can be found in a study titled: “Vapor of Volatile Oils (extracted from the essential oil of) Litsea cubeba Seed Induces Apoptosis and Causes Cell Cycle Arrest in Lung Cancer Cells”The complete study can be found here. (more…)

Get radiant skin naturally with essential oils

Conventional treatments for acne and/or oily skin include harsh, detergent type cleansers that strip the skin, dry it out and do not get rid of the problem. Acne and/or oily skin problems may persist, leaving the skin looking in dire need of help. Contrary to popular belief, oils such as good quality essential oils and other fatty oils can actually help to remedy skin problems such as acne and/or oily skin.