Brain Health Part 2 – Debbie Downer Strikes Back

What can you do to keep a healthy brain? First, repeat after me what you have to avoid from last week. Remember? No tobacco. Cut the alcohol to one drink a day. Trans fats are poison! (No French fries). Saturated fat isn’t much better. Processed meats don’t get any brownie points. Whoa on sugar! Down to one ounce a day, max. White bread has gotta go. MSG is a disaster. Look at the label for hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extract, or anything with glutamate in it. Most soups from the store, even those labeled NO MSG are full of it. Don’t! And finally, yes, finally, you stopped getting the blue stuff for your sweetener didn’t you? And did you look at the can of diet soda to see if it had any in it. And of course, you aren’t intentionally playing with lead any more. It’s just that you don’t know what’s in your lipstick.  (more…)

Study reveals low fat dairy products may lower risk of type 2 diabetes (opinion)

Science continues to demonstrate that fat has not earned its bad reputation. Researchers have recently discovered that whole fat dairy products contain a fatty acid that could be beneficial for those at risk of type 2 diabetes. One study shows that individuals with high blood levels of trans-palmitoleic acid have a 62 percent lower chance of developing diabetes than individuals with the lowest levels of the same fatty acid. The study was conducted on 3,700 individuals, who were over the age of sixty-five at the time.

Low fat diet missing essential brain nutrients and leads to cognitive decline

It`s estimated that between 10 and 20% of people over the age of 65 suffer from mild cognitive impairment or have been diagnosed with Alzheimer`s disease. By the age of 80 more than half have some loss of memory or functional decline and the trend continues to escalate as the number of baby boomers turn senior citizen explodes. Forward thinking nutritional researchers believe that some of the blame for this trend can be placed firmly on the fat-phobic diet pushed by many physicians and dieticians for the past half century that deprives delicate brain cells of essential nutrients. It`s important to include a healthy source of serine and choline; these nutrients nourish the brain and improve memory and mental cognition to prevent brain aging.

Spike This Hormone For Optimal Fat Loss

Well Everybody Knows

Everybody knows that the first rule of a post-training shake is that it has to be fast. You must drink it as soon as you are done or you won’t get jacked. You must drink the fastest protein on earth with only the fastest carbs, no fiber or fat allowed! This usually entails people drinking whey protein, either in the form of isolates or hydrolysates, because concentrates are just too darn slow.  The carbs are usually from maltodextrin or dextrose, and maybe even that fancy new waxy maize starch. Anything with fiber , fat or fructose is terrible and will decrease absorption time. Right? We know all of this because that is what we have always been told. No one denies that this is effective, as it has worked for millions of people, but does effective equal optimal? What are we actually trying to accomplish with this shake?