Study: Chemo Drugs Actually Cause Cancer

The syringe with drugs for chemotherapy treatment

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

A new study published this month (July 2017) confirms what most who are not entrenched in mainstream oncology’s viewpoint of cancer treatment by chemo drugs have already pointed out: Chemo drugs are carcinogenic, and they actually cause cancer.

This is actually the second study published in modern times showing that the very drugs prescribed for cancer treatment, actually cause cancer.

The first study in 2012 didn’t raise much of a mainstream media stir, but the most recent study in 2017  made it into London, England’s mainstream press. This recent coverage also referenced the earlier 2012 study to further put the situation into perspective.

The 2017 media press coverage also rode on the coat tails of a recently publicized study showing that too many cancer patients in England were dying from chemo and not their cancers.

Commentary on the Studies (more…)

The Medical Paradigm Is Fatally Flawed

Modern medicine serves up every stage and aspect of life to Profit. After destroying the methods and knowledge of the old ways, what will be left to replace them?

How We Die

This has become the picture of how we die. It utterly lacks humanity and respect, treating the dying patient as nothing more than a bunch of failing body parts. (more…)

Sunscreen Lies And More Lies

Summer is a’coming in, so goes the old British medieval folk song. And with summer starts the lies of the personal skin care product industry.

The fundamental lie is that we need sunscreen at all. Just stay out of the sun until you can tolerate it. Otherwise, we need sun. Contrary to everything you have heard, sunshine protects against melanoma.

Yes, people get skin cancers in the sun—but only people with pasty pale skin, who hide indoors all year and then go crazy on their vacation. Intense and unaccustomed radiation is what might cause skin cancers. The darkened skin of a tan is your best protection from penetrating rays, not because the tan helps but because being in the sun certainly DOES.

I repeat: suns rays protect against cancer. It’s science that goes back decades and is totally ignored by the medical profession and the skin care industry. They are both screwed up, believing in hearsay and fairy stories.

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The Truth About The Cancer Industry

So-called cancer therapy in the United States is an industry; it is money, big money. Cancer is “desirable” because it is big money: not to you, of course, but to research, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies and a massive collateral business of support and supply. Everybody who is anybody in orthodox medicine is in on it. No wonder it’s a malignancy on the American people.

Collapsible Medicine

I dare say that the medical establishment would collapse without the cancer industry. How does the medical establishment keep the game going? The answer is the pretense of research.

The key is to keep people asleep and hoping that, just around the corner, research will find the answer. The game is to ever search and never find. Why not, it’s been going on for more than 100 years.

Their bet is that enough cancer victims will go in as raw material to perpetuate the cancer industry. Your guarantee is unbelievable skyrocketing cost, pain and suffering many times before you certainly die. (more…)