Study reveals new insight on the most important antioxidant we need: glutathione

glutathioneGlutathione is called the master antioxidant because it can regenerate itself in the liver after each fill-up of free radicals and go back to work. Free radicals are often the byproduct of normal cellular metabolic oxidation and toxic overload, leading to autoimmune diseases, several cancers or heart attacks.

Antioxidants come to the rescue and usher out those free radicals, heavy metals and toxins if there are enough of them. The liver’s ability to generate or regenerate glutathione and enable cells to contain glutathione within them as intracellular glutathione is largely why it’s called the master antioxidant.

Until recently, the widely held belief has been that normal oral supplementation won’t help raise glutathione levels because oral glutathione won’t get past the stomach acids and into the small intestines to be absorbed into the blood. But a study explained in the next section indicates otherwise. (more…)

This Highly Effective Muscle Building Protein Doubles as a Powerful Antioxidant

One major adverse effect caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) during heavy exercise is myoblastic toxicity. Natural antioxidants, however, may provide protection for athletes.

A study investigated the antioxidative effect of whey protein against hydrogen peroxide toxicity. Whey protein prevented a decrease in cell viability, and also inhibited markers associated with DNA oxidative damage. (more…)

The vital role of Antioxidants in achieving optimal health and longevity

Let’s start with a basic truth: There are NO magic bullets! For over 40 years, I have taught tens of thousands of people the benefits of natural healing, including how to slow down, stop and reverse dis-ease. Although there is no one way or one pill that will ever help anyone achieve optimum health, there are basic tenets we must understand in order to accomplish our health goals. (more…)