Discover the hormone that may end hearing loss

A bioidentical hormone known as aldosterone may soon make hearing aids obsolete in people with age-related hearing loss. This is excellent news for anyone facing the social stigma of hearing loss or the instant admission of aging announced by the wearing of a hearing aid.

Aldosterone is a steroid from the mineralocorticoid family that is produced in ample supply by the adrenal glands of young healthy people. But as we age, we lose the ability to make sufficient amounts of aldosterone just as we do with other steroid hormones.


Hearing loss may be a warning of a very serious health problem

It starts out as an annoyance, becomes a bit of an embarrassment and, eventually, can turn you into a bit of a hermit.

Up until now, that frustration was one of the worst things about degenerative hearing loss.

But all that changed with a just-published study that puts hearing loss in a new perspective–that of major warning sign and not just an annoyance. (more…)