Heart Attacks, Autism, Retroviruses and Radiation: The Gut is in the News Again

The gut is beginning to give up its secrets. Trillions of bacteria live in the large intestine, and it’s well known that many of them help us digest food and make certain vitamins. But as precise technologies allow us to sequence the DNA and RNA of our gut flora, as well as inhabitants of the gut not previously known, new insights are rapidly emerging into the power of gut flora to influence health. (See the June 2011 FOCUS). Herein, an update on some fascinating new links between gut flora and health. (more…)

How Many of These Deadly Fairy Tales Do You (and Your Doctor) Still Believe?

CAUTION: Ignorance may be
very hazardous to your health

Why has the number of heart attacks increased by 27 percent over the past 20 years? What’s going on here?

Don’t we know more about how to prevent heart attacks than ever?

Haven’t we been swallowing our statins, lowering our cholesterol, and eating fat-free foods?

Could we be mistaken about some things? (more…)

Women with high cholesterol live longer, have fewer heart attacks and strokes

If the diagnosis of high cholesterol sounds like a death sentence to your ears, you may be the victim of cholesterol propaganda. It’s not uncommon to believe that lower is better when it comes to cholesterol, but new research shows otherwise. In fact, a recent study in Norway says women with high cholesterol live longer and suffer from fewer heart attacks and strokes than those with lower cholesterol.

Fat Build Up On the Outside of the Heart Predicts Problems in Arteries

I refer to the problem as “fat in all the wrong places.” It is most common in overweight people, but can happen in anyone. When such fat surrounds your arteries or heart in excess it generates significant inflammatory signals into your arteries, provoking the process of plaque formation. It is interesting that this is not fat inside your arteries that is doing this, it is fat on the outside – and it is a major health problem faced by millions of Americans. (more…)

The Cholesterol Delusion – part 2 of 2

ernest_curtis_145by Ernest N. Curtis M.D.  ( Internal Medicine and Cardiology )

Running almost concurrently with the MR.FIT study was a clinical trial that would come to be seen as the one that provided the definitive proof of the Cholesterol Theory. The Lipid Research Clinics Coronary Primary Prevention Trial (LRC-CPPT) screened about half a million healthy middle-aged men and selected about 3800 with the highest cholesterol levels. (more…)

The Low Salt Diet Revisited: Found to Increase Mortality

A recent study on the effect of a low salt diet made headlines, finding that a low salt diet increases mortality for patients with congestive heart failure.(1-6) The study concluded there was not enough evidence to advise a low-salt diet for the rest of us. They doubted a low salt diet would benefit the population.(6)

In this article we will re-examine the low salt diet, clear away the confusion, and make recommendations about salt intake, hypertension, and health. (more…)