Serious Lung Disease Becoming Commonplace

In today’s toxic environment, lung disorders are commonplace.   Lung diseases that were once considered rare are now simply taken for granted.  One such disease is bronchiectasis.  Once considered a rarity, as more and more people are diagnosed with this condition, it is becoming a household word.


Bronchiectasis is a disease involving damage to  airways leading to the lungs. The result of bronchiectasis is enlargement of bronchial tubes, loss of elasticity, scarring, and destruction of cilia that is instrumental in protecting the lungs from dust, bacteria, and excess mucus. With these protective mechanisms disabled, severe chronic infections result. Bronchiectasis leads to serious health conditions, such as respiratory failure and congestive heart failure. Although the medical profession can offer no answers other than prescribing the strongest antibiotics available, there are natural remedies that can play a role in reversing this condition. (more…)