In 1988, I was researching my first book, AIDS INC. Interested in the subject of vaccines, I delved into published accounts of vaccination gone wrong.


The following series of quotes from authors only begins to cover the territory of vaccine damage, deception, and failure. It is nevertheless the start of a history which has been hidden from the public by corporate media, whose ties to pharmaceutical interests are infamous.



The Hidden Cure – Dispelling The Myth Of Vaccines

“In the 1980′s the rate of autism was 1 in 10,000, in 2013 it is now 1 in 50,” Silent Epidemic.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approximately 30,000 VAERS (vaccine injury) reports are filed annually, with 10-15% classified as serious, resulting in permanent disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illnesses or death. And those are only the reported cases of vaccine induced deaths, disability, illness and hospitalization.

Each year, billions of humans across the globe are vaccinated, hundreds of thousands are injured, and thousands are killed. Vaccinations may just be the most dangerous health threat in human history, with genetically modified foods holding a close second. (more…)

What Is The Deadliest Of All Vaccines According To The Data?

The standard DTP or DPT (diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus) vaccine is acknowledged to be the deadliest of all vaccines, causing more disability, illness and the highest risks, even exceeding MMR (measles, mumps and rubella).

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services set up the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) in 1988 to compensate individuals and families of individuals injured by covered childhood vaccines. The VICP itself was adopted in response to a the pertussis portion of the DTP vaccine.

Since 1988, the program has been funded by an excise tax on every purchased dose of a covered vaccine. To win an award, a claimant must show a causal connection; if medical records show a child has one of several listed adverse effects soon after vaccination. The burden of proof is the civil-law preponderance-of-the-evidence standard, in other words a showing that causation was more likely than not.

As of May 2013, the VICP has paid out $2.7 billion for cases involving injury amongst all vaccines.It obliges drug companies that produce vaccines to contribute to the program by paying an excise tax on each dose of vaccine, based on potential risk. (more…)

Vaccine Fraud Exposed: Measles and Mumps Making a Huge Comeback Because Vaccines are Designed to Fail, say Merck Virologists

Child-Measles-Chicken-Pox-Sick (2)

Disclaimer: I am not an opponent of the theory of inoculation. Nor am I opposed to science. What I am opposed to is fraudulent science, and that’s what this article is all about.

Measles and mumps are making a huge comeback in the United States, but doctors and journalists all make the same critical error in understanding why. They blame “parents who don’t vaccinate their kids” as the cause, but the real cause — as revealed by whistleblowing scientists working for top vaccine manufacturers — is that measles and mumps vaccines are designed to fail from the start.

Scientific fraud, it turns out, is an inherent part of the vaccine industry.

How do we know? Because whistleblowers who worked in the industry have found the courage to speak out and tell the truth. These people are the Edward Snowdens of the vaccine industry.

Merck falsified its mumps vaccine efficacy results, say former employees

Merck knowingly falsified its mumps vaccine test results to fabricate a “95% efficacy rate” say former Merck virologists Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski in their shocking False Claims Act document. (more…)

Disease, Vaccinations, and Lies


By Paul Fassa

Posted Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 03:38pm EDT

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There are two peer pressure and official guilt trips used on parents who refuse vaccinations for their children. The first is absurd enough to be laughable. It’s the parental tactic of not letting children who weren’t vaccinated around their vaccinated children. Excuse me, if your kids were vaccinated, they’re immune, right?

Could be they’re not. As a matter of fact, children vaccinated with certain vaccines containing live viruses, such as the oral polio vaccine (OPV), have spread the live viruses through viral shedding to infect others with a virus that mutates and becomes worse. (more…)

Mumps Vaccination Proved Worthless

I’m not against vaccination, as regular readers will know. I’m just against useless and dangerous vaccination.

Even dangerous vaccines, such as that for rabies, have a place, where the disease is hideous and the protection worth the risk. The rabies vaccine does work! If you want to know what hydrophobia looks like (terror of water; one of the symptoms of rabies, see this short video on YouTube:

But what about mumps? Hardly a deadly disease in fit children. The worrisome complication is orchitis (inflamed testicles), which can lead to male sterility. (more…)

Melanie’s Marvelous Measles: Is the provaccine backlash rational or hysterical? ~ Suzanne Humphries, MD

There is a new children’s book available that teaches children that they don’t have to fear childhood illnesses. It is entitled “Melanie’s Marvelous Measles” and can be purchased HERE

Mass hysteria has broken out among the provaccine with ideations of banning the book due to its perceived danger. See article HERE

So what are the arguments in favor of shedding the mass fear that has been ingrained since the 1960s when the vaccines became available, prior to which measles was an acceptable childhood illness? In the developed world, mortality was reduced over 98% before the vaccine came along and before antibiotics were available. In England and in the United States, the chance of dying from measles had dropped to 1-2% by the 1930s.[1] (more…)

Proof that Childhood Vaccinations Are a Hoax

I have not always been a vaccine skeptic. One day, though, I happened on an article in JAMA and sat bolt upright. It was obvious: The AMA’s own mortality data for the 20th century proves that childhood vaccines are a hoax.

Syringe through hundred dollar billby Heidi Stevenson

It’s taken as an article of faith that vaccinations have improved our lifespan. Most of us take our children to the doctors for their injections without question. Most think of themselves as bad parents if they don’t. It’s simply one of those things that aren’t questioned, as if it’s obvious. It’s gone so far now that parents have been threatened with prison and their children are coerced into vaccinations.

This article exposes the reality: As documented by the American Medical Association’s own Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in the January 1999 issue, there is no connection between death from infectious diseases and vaccinations. That’s right. None. (more…)

Mumps Protects Against Ovarian Cancer: Vaccine Steals the Protection

Ovarian cancer is among the deadliest. It’s long been known that having the mumps provides protection against it. Now, we have a study showing how the mumps vaccine could be leading to women’s deaths from ovarian cancer.

Girl, staring into future

Photo from Morgue File (

by Heidi Stevenson

Mumps was never a terrifying disease. The best way for an adult to avoid sterility from getting mumps was by having had the mumps as a child. Now, though, mumps vaccinations are routine—and ovarian cancer rates are increasing.

Now, I can hear the naysayers out there screaming, “But that doesn’t prove causality!” That’s certainly true—but I’m not going to make the claim that the mumps vaccine causes ovarian cancer. What the mumps vaccine does is interfere with the natural preventive function of the mumps disease to prevent cancer, a point that has now been documented in science. (more…)