Top 10 Bodybuilding Supplement Scams

This website will give you all the information needed to avoid being ripped off from buying bodybuilding supplements that are completely worthless and will not help you to grow one ounce of muscle.  Many of these bodybuilding supplements are very popular and millions of bottles are sold each year.  But these bodybuilding supplements are nothing more than ineffective scam products sold on false marketing claims, hype, and trends.  If you want to grow muscle avoid buying these supplements and instead get yourself a high quality protein powder.   I will list them in order of top ten, with #1 being the most popular and least effective for muscle growth.  (more…)

Heart rejuvenation – The secret ingredient

Cardiovascular diseases kill more Americans than cancer and motor vehicle accidents combined. Most of our aging baby-boomer population will be brought down by problems located in the heart and cardiovascular system. Even so, we can significantly increase heart longevity in the highest percentage of cases with the right application of herbal medicine. Once again plants have provided the answer.

Resveratrol At The Ready for Fighting Heart Disease

A few years back, researchers decided that resveratrol was the secret ingredient in red wine that was responsible for the so-called “French paradox.” Not only could it protect the heart from oxidized fat, resveratrol also appeared to reduce platelet aggregation and increase blood flow. The problem was, no one knew how much resveratrol was needed to create these heart-healthy changes … until now. (more…)