Olive Leaves Just As Effective As Drugs In Lowering Blood Pressure, Except They’re Natural

Olive leaf extract is just as effective in lowering blood pressure as other common medical treatments for hypertension, according to a new clinical trial sponsored by Frutarom and Dexa Medica.

The study, published in Phytomedicine, found an olive leaf extract (EFLA 943 from Frutarom, Switzerland) to be as effective in treating high-blood pressure as a common medication blood pressure medication (Captopril/Dexacap from Dexa Medica).

The researchers also found that unlike the drug, olive leaf extract also significantly reduced plasma triglyceride levels.


The Amazing Olive Leaf

olea europaea olive leaf extract antimicrobialThe Amazing Olive Leaf

by Jeffrey Dach MD

History of the Olive Tree and Leaf

The Fruit and Leaves of the Olive Tree have been used for thousands of years.  Ancient writings contain abundant references to Olive Oil, Olive Trees and The Olive Leaf.  An early reference to olive leaf is from the Noah’s Ark story.  The appearance of a Dove with the Olive Branch symbolize the end of the Flood and the beginning of peace”. (Bible)(link)The medicinal use of Olive Leaf extract began fairly recently in 1995-1996 with the work of the chemist, William Frederickson who patented his extraction technique. (37) (Patent )

Left Image:  Olive leaf, Olea Europaea courtesy of wikimedia commons.

Beneficial Properties of Olive Leaf Extract (more…)

Revealed: Natural BP competitor works as well as Big Pharma superstar!

Did you know that researchers recently discovered that an all-natural extract can lower your blood pressure as well as key Big Pharma drugs…in just eight weeks!?

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard about this breakthrough. Big Pharma pays big bucks to make sure small studies like this one never see the light of day. They’d rather keep you in the dark to pad their own pockets.

In fact, Big Pharma spends far more money on marketing than it does on research. One recent report found that drugs companies shell out $57 billion a year on promotion. But it spends almost half that research and development.

So you tell me. What’s more important to Big Pharma: Keeping you healthy or keeping your attention?

Big Pharma is so obsessed about promotion because if people knew about this natural competitor, they wouldn’t need to rely on manufactured solutions. Just consider this small (but impressive) study recently published that fell through the mainstream cracks…

Natural plant extract lowers BP as well as ACE inhibitor (more…)

Olive Leaf Extract Effective in Reducing Blood Pressure.

Olive trees, widely cultivated throughout Mediterranean countries as a source of olives and olive oil, have been traditionally used not only in foods, but in health conditions including malaria, infections, cardiovascular diseases, and for general well-being. As early as 1855, medical reports have described the benefits of drinking a bitter tea brewed with leaves from the olive tree. Epidemiological data obtained from clinical studies have consistently demonstrated that the Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, fruits, vegetables, and grains is correlated with a lower than average risk of coronary heart disease. The natural antioxidants, including oleuropein, from the olive tree may play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases through a decreased formation of atherosclerotic plaques by inhibiting LDL oxidation. (more…)