Get Back in the Action: Natural Pain Relief

Pain is a delicate subject with my patients. When you’re suffering it can be difficult to express just how much it hurts. I’ve seen patients completely debilitated from chronic pain.

But Americans are tough. We don’t mind a little pain. As long as we can fight through it we don’t let it slow us down.

One thing you don’t want, though, is to take a pain reliever and have the side effect be worse than the original pain. And over-the-counter medications for pain have some pretty awful side effects.

In fact, the FDA requires all these pain remedies to come with a clear warning label making consumers aware of the risks for numbness, gastric bleeding, ulcers, allergic reactions and even liver failure.

The good news is, you can reduce pain using natural pain relievers that will help you get going again and get right back in the action.

I’m going to show you six herbs and nutrients you’ll never hear about from your doctor. They’re safe and effective – and completely free of dangerous side effects. You’ll also see the science backing up these natural solutions. (more…)

Eliminating Cancer Pain

It is simply not acceptable that any patient be left in chronic pain – especially cancer patients. It is also not necessary, as cancer pain, like other pain, can be very effectively treated! The treatments discussed in my earlier columns and book Pain Free 1-2-3 (McGraw Hill) can be very helpful in eliminating cancer pain. To do so effectively, though, it helps to determine where the pain is  localized. (more…)